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Nano mobile phone screen protector black technology or IQ tax?

Nano mobile phone screen protector black technology or IQ tax?

It is claimed to be waterproof and oleophobic, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, radiation-proof, anti-blue light, relieve visual fatigue, and efficiently sterilize, etc.
Nano mobile phone screen protector is a black technology or an IQ tax?
Neither the front nor the back of the two nano-membranes purchased online have any Chinese descriptions about the products
Recently, a "black technology" nano-mobile phone screen protector claims to have functions such as extremely high hardness, can smash walnuts, and anti-radiation, which has aroused doubts from many netizens: "After the phone screen protector is applied, the existence of the phone screen protector cannot be felt at all." Some people in the industry even It is believed that "nano-membrane" is collecting the IQ tax of consumers. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily bought two nano-membranes that are among the most popular on a shopping platform, but there is no information about the manufacturer for the entire product, which is an out-and-out three-no product.

break the news
Apply a little liquid on the phone screen and dry it, the nano phone screen protector is invisible
"A few months ago, I saw someone setting up a stall on the side of the road to stick phone screen protector, claiming it was a brand new high-tech product, so I spent money to put a phone screen protector on the mobile phone." Mr. Zhang, a consumer, broke the news to a reporter from Beiqing Daily. After applying the phone screen protector, he kept muttering in his heart, "At that time, the stall owner applied a little liquid on the screen of the mobile phone, and then dried it in a small box. After a few minutes, he said that the nano phone screen protector had been pasted."
Mr. Zhang said that he spent US$5 on this phone screen protector, but unlike the previous screen protectors, he could not see the phone screen protector at all. "Is there a protective phone screen protector on the display screen of the mobile phone? Intangible and invisible, I have always been dubious about it."
Coincidentally, Mr. Yang, who works in Beijing, bought a bottle of "nano-membrane" potion from the Internet. He followed the instructions in the merchant's video and poured the potion on the screen. After a few minutes, the potion dried and solidified. "Like alcohol, I feel like when it evaporates, there's nothing left."
A reporter from the Beiqing Daily also found a lot of posts complaining about "nano-phone screen protector" on the self-media. Netizen "Mose Phantom" said that he once saw someone setting up a stall on the side of the road to coat a mobile phone with nano-phone screen protector, and he had the mentality of trying it out. Give the phone to the little boss. "The boss put my mobile phone into a small box with red light, and after a few minutes, he told me that it was pasted. I took the phone back and checked, and there was no phone screen protector on the phone, as if it hadn't been pasted."
The netizen "Mose Phantom" asked the boss, and the other party said that the nano-phone screen protector is invisible, but it can improve the hardness of the mobile phone screen, "After all, he took out his mobile phone, smashed a walnut in front of me, and Said proudly, 'Look, this is my mobile phone with nano phone screen protector on it, it's been two years, and the screen is still so new'..."
Some netizens also said that they once spent $20 to paste the nano phone screen protector, but there was still a scratch on the phone.
The "magic potion" has a series of effects and needs to be re-plated after 3 to 6 months
A reporter from Beiqing Daily consulted a number of merchants selling nanomembranes on the online shopping platform. A merchant said that the nano-membrane sold in its store adopts German nanotechnology. This liquid will form an invisible phone screen protector on the screen of the mobile phone, which has a series of functions, such as sensitive touch, waterproof and oleophobic, and scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. , anti-radiation, anti-blue light, and relieve visual fatigue, "for young people playing mobile phones, it can protect the eyes and increase the pleasure of gaming experience; for pregnant women, it can resist radiation and reduce the harm to the unborn baby; it is also helpful for presbyopia, reducing fingerprints , easy to clean, and efficient sterilization.”
Another businessman said that such a mobile phone nano-phone screen protector replaces the traditional phone screen protector. The main components contain silicon dioxide and nano-fluorine, which can increase the hardness of the screen and resist general scratches, such as sharp wallpaper knives. "Generally, the nano-phone screen protector does not need to be removed. , this protective layer is only 13 microns, and it will wear off slowly during use, and it needs to be re-coated or phone screen protectored after 3-6 months."

A reporter from the Beiqing Daily found on the shopping platform that users had mixed reviews on the nanomembrane. Some users believe that the nano-phone screen protector is effective in relieving sore eyes, and some people imitate what is shown in the promotional video of the merchant and use the coated mobile phone screen to conduct a walnut smashing experiment.
Nano-phone screen protector volatilizes quickly and has no special protective effect on mobile phone screens
A reporter from Beiqing Daily conducted an on-site verification of the miraculous effects of the "magic potion" circulating on the Internet. The price of nanomembrane on a shopping platform ranges from about US$1 to US$20 per bottle. The reporter chose the nano-membrane potion priced at 1.2 US dollars and 15 US dollars, and bought a bottle from each of the two merchants.
After getting the samples, the reporter saw that the two bottles of nano-membrane bottles had different colors, and the height of the bottles were both more than two centimeters. There were some colorless, transparent and tasteless liquids inside. There are instructions about the product on the bottle body and a piece of cardboard, with English words such as "9H+" and "invisible liquid screen protector" (liquid invisible screen protector). After searching, "9H+" is a label about hardness. Unlike general products that need to be marked with the manufacturer, place of origin, and after-sales service contact information, the two bottles of nanomembrane bought by the reporter have no relevant information.
Since the nano-membrane can solidify quickly and has high strength, the reporter successively conducted experiments using mobile phone screen protectors and mobile phone screens.
A reporter from Beiqing Daily noticed that in the demo video of the merchant, after applying the nano phone screen protector, a piece of paper was placed on the screen and cut with a wallpaper knife. The paper was damaged but the screen was intact. The reporter conducted an experiment on this. First, he prepared two screen protectors and two different brands of mobile phones. On the premise that no nano phone screen protector was applied, the paper was covered on the two screen protectors and cut with a fruit knife. The paper They were all scratched, and the screen protector had no scratches; the reporter used a fruit knife to cut the screens of the two mobile phones, and there were no scratches on the screens of the mobile phones.
In the promotion of the merchant, in order to prove that the nano-phone screen protector can better protect the screen of the mobile phone, the merchant smashed the front of the mobile phone coated with the nano-phone screen protector against a walnut, and the walnut was broken but the screen was intact. In this regard, a reporter from Beiqing Daily found a mobile phone with a good screen, and also tried to smash walnuts with the mobile phone screen without applying the nano phone screen protector. After smashing the walnuts on the cement floor, no damage or new additions were found on the screen scratches.
When a reporter from the Beiqing Daily consulted with the merchant, the other party once said that after the nano-phone screen protector is applied, it will form a thin phone screen protector of more than ten microns invisible to the naked eye on the screen, but it will be worn away slowly with use. It needs to be re-coated or phone screen protector after one month. A reporter from Beiqing Daily found in actual observation that after the nano-phone screen protector is applied to the mobile phone, the liquid of the nano-phone screen protector will evaporate quickly, leaving only a watermark on the screen. But wipe it gently with your hands, and the watermark will be wiped off. In order to verify whether the nano phone screen protector can form an effective "phone screen protector" effect, a reporter from Beiqing Daily applied red watercolor pens on the two screen protectors, poured two bottles of nano phone screen protectors on the marks of the watercolor pens, and used the attached The accessories evenly spread the nano phone screen protector, and the liquid evaporates and dries quickly. After three or four minutes, wipe the part coated with the nano phone screen protector, and the pen marks can still be easily wiped off. The nano phone screen protector is not fixed on the screen, and the reporter cannot detect any coating.

Industry insiders: The main component of nano-membrane is similar to that of nail polish, and the effect is almost negligible
In response to the store smashing walnuts with mobile phone screens, some knowledgeable people said that the current commonly used mobile phone screens are relatively hard and will not be easily damaged after being bumped. It is not a big problem to smash the paper-skinned walnuts used by the store.
"After the mobile phone screen protective phone screen protector is attached, it will have a stress dispersion effect on the screen." A staff member of a well-known supplier of screens for various electronic products in Shanghai told Beiqing Daily that currently electronic products including mobile phones, The hardness of the screen has reached the highest. "I think the phone screen protector is to prevent the screen from being scratched or the phone from being broken when it is dropped. The walnut is smashed with the phone screen to test the impact resistance of the screen. Even if the phone screen protector is attached, The angle and strength of the smashing are different, and different effects will be produced."
"Applying nano-phone screen protector on a mobile phone is similar to applying shoe polish on shoes. Although it has a little effect, it will disappear soon." A stall owner who sticks the phone screen protector introduced that nano-phone screen protector is just a conceptual hype, but in fact it can play a real role. Negligible, so most stall owners no longer sell nano-membranes to customers.
Regarding the nano-membrane "potion" popular on the Internet, he said in an interview, "Its main ingredient is similar to nail polish, and it will be worn off or evaporate soon after application, and it will not have much effect on the screen. According to the general rule, the more coatings on the mobile phone screen phone screen protector and the thicker the mobile phone screen protector, the more effective it is to protect the mobile phone screen. As for the nano-phone screen protector with a thickness of 13 microns that the Beijing Youth Daily reporter bought, it has limited protection for the mobile phone screen. , plus it cannot be seen or touched, the effect is actually difficult to confirm, and it is almost negligible.

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