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How to customize the usb cable?

How to customize the usb cable?
1. Customized usb cable items:
1.1 Customized Usb Cable logo, pattern; MOQ>1000
1.2 Customize the function of the Usb Cable  (number of wire cores, wire core diameter, color, shape, etc.): MOQ>10000
1.3  Packaging of customized Usb Cable; total quantity MOQ》3000

2 Customization process of the Usb Cable :
2.1 Customers provide Usb Cable product customization requirements, provide drawings or samples or customized logos.
2.2 WEADDU Provide design proposal and quotation.
2.3 The customer confirms the design plan
2.4 The customer pays 30% of the payment as a deposit
2.5 WEADDU Production Usb Cable samples
2.6 The customer confirms the sample
2.7 WEADDU Mass production Usb Cable 
2.8 WEADDU After the production is completed, the customer pays the balance
2.9 WEADDU Usb Cable Delivery of Products

3. The case of Usb Cable  customization
3.1 Customized logo, pattern

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