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Why are mobile phones with screen protectors easily broken?

Why are mobile phones with screen protectors easily broken?

Hello everyone, I am Binghe, who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside. After using my mobile phone for so many years, friends around Binghe have discovered a miraculous phenomenon: as long as the screen protector is attached to the mobile phone, the mobile phone will fall once soon.
If the membrane is broken, it's a trivial matter. But sometimes, the screen of the mobile phone is broken, but the membrane is fine. Sure enough, the merchant did not lie to me, this phone screen protector is really resistant to falling!

Why is there a problem that the screen is broken when the phone is dropped? Today, the professor will discuss this university question with you. , Many people have a stereotype about the screen protector, that is, it seems that it can absolutely guarantee the safety of the screen, thinking that with a phone screen protector, you can travel around the world, but this is not the case.
First, the screen protector can really be 100% excellent in protecting the probability of the mobile phone screen from being scratched, but in order to protect the mobile phone screen from being broken, the screen protector can only be said to reduce the probability of broken screen , to the extreme.
The existence of the screen protector can only play a buffer role to a certain extent, helping the mobile phone screen to share the impact force, but when this strength exceeds its explosion critical point, the screen will inevitably face the risk of cracking.
Another reason lies in the choice of good phone screen protectors and bad phone screen protectors. The screen protectors sold in the market are good and bad, it is difficult to judge the good and bad, and the price is a good reference point.
Some merchants have seized everyone's greed for cheap and sold defective products to everyone at very favorable prices. At critical moments, the screen of the mobile phone cannot be protected. Under the truth that you get what you pay for, are you still making unrealistic fantasies?
In addition, we often find that when the mobile phone falls from a high place, it is not damaged at all, but falls from a low place, and the screen is shattered in a mess. At this time, it is the knowledge point of the screen stress angle.

In the case of a mobile phone falling from an airplane, the entire screen shares the impact, and the screen protector is added to the first layer to play a buffering role, so there is basically no problem of screen damage; when a corner falls, the impact is the most fatal to the screen Yes, the smaller the force-bearing area, the greater the pressure generated, causing the screen to "bloom".
Moreover, many screen protectors are not completely covered in 2D or 2.5D, and the edges and corners of the screen are still exposed to the air, so this autumn must fall on the screen.
Therefore, if you want to protect your mobile phone, it is not enough to stick a layer of light phone screen protector, so many people will wear a mobile phone case. It is more effective in reducing the impact caused by the corner, and can effectively disperse the impact force when the mobile phone is dropped, shock absorption and drop resistance.
The above are related answers to why the screen protector is still broken. I believe everyone must still be wondering whether to stick a screen protector or not. Because no matter how the phone is, a protective phone screen protector is always the best choice.

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