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The Difference Between Different Price Screen Protectors

The Difference Between Different Price Screen Protectors

I recently discovered some good little knowledge, and I would like to share it with you here, hoping to get your support and love.
Everyone knows that if you want to protect your mobile phone, you need a phone screen protector. Because the screen protector can effectively prevent falling, it is the patron saint of the mobile phone. However, the quality of mobile phone phone screen protector products on the market is uneven, and the price is also high or low. What kind of phone screen protector should you choose?
Some people think that since cell phone phone screen protectors all look similar, it is better to choose the cheapest one. A random search on the Internet will bring up a bunch of mobile phone phone screen protector products for 9 yuan and 9 free shipping, and free tools. However, is such a cheap mobile phone phone screen protector really useful? Are those mobile phone phone screen protectors worth twenty, thirty or even hundreds of dollars just to defraud consumers of their IQ tax?

Let's start by looking at the differences between these screen protectors at different prices.
1. Material
The glass material of the screen protector is very important, because it directly determines the anti-drop ability of the mobile phone phone screen protector. The different glass materials determine the hardness and transparency of the glass. High-quality screen protectors generally use glass produced by Corning, AGC, and Schott. The glass produced by these top companies is very hard. In addition to being able to resist falls, it can also effectively prevent scratches. In addition, the permeability of this glass is much better than that of cheap glass. If you use a cheap screen protector, you will find that the color of the picture is very dull, while a high-quality screen protector can restore the original image as much as possible.
2. Tempering time
For screen protectors, the most important process is tempering. The length of tempering time determines the quality of glass flexibility. The more flexible the screen protector, the easier it will be to conform to the surface of the phone. Some low-quality screen protectors are often hard and difficult to bend, resulting in white or warped edges when the phone screen protector is applied. In addition, the glass phone screen protector with good tempering effect is not easy to cut hands, which is what we commonly call explosion-proof function. Even if the phone screen protector is broken, glass shards will not scratch the screen.

3. Fingerprint oil layer
The new mobile phone phone screen protector is slippery and feels very comfortable when you get it. This is because of the added fingerprint oil layer. However, inferior screen protectors will only use ordinary spraying process. Although this process can also make the mobile phone phone screen protector smooth, but after hundreds of frictions, the oily layer will be slowly worn away. A good screen protector generally uses an electroplating coating process or an anti-fingerprint oil coating of a German brand. The anti-fingerprint oil coating layer made of high-end technology and high-quality materials lasts longer, and in the long run, it is more cost-effective.

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