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A screen protector hides so many black technologies?

A screen protector hides so many black technologies?

With the rapid development of the smartphone market, many people are familiar with the mention of screen protectors. There are endless high-definition phone screen protectors, anti-spy phone screen protectors, and blue light phone screen protectors on the market, with prices ranging from more than ten yuan to hundreds of yuan. So, how to choose a mobile phone screen protector that suits you has become a headache for many people.
In the past, when many people chose a mobile phone screen protector, the core requirement was durability. However, with the development of society, this demand has changed. It is also necessary to be healthy on the basis of durability. Particularly important.
A few days ago, a colleague bought a screen protector, which really surprised the author. I really didn't expect the screen protector to have so many black technologies.

Today, the author will take you to know about the AICARE children's medical eye protection screen protector. This medical grade screen protector is properly the Zhenxiang series. In fact, many people are no strangers to the brand of Mastercare. It is a brand that focuses on all-round healthy life products. Its product series covers masks, blood pressure monitors, ear thermometers, etc.
First of all, the AICARE children's medical eye protection screen protector solves the pain point of many people: eye protection - certified by high-level standard of mechanical name.
The reason for having this function is that this screen protector is tailor-made for children and uses TUV eye protection technology on the basis of green light phone screen protector. Whether a technology is successful or not, the data has the most say. AICARE children's medical eye protection screen protector applies eight layers of protection filtering technology, blue light can be filtered by 55-75%, and reflective light can be filtered by about 50%. In general, it can reduce 65% of the external reflection of the environment, resist 98% of mobile phone ultraviolet rays, and have a two-way absorption filter spectral coating, which has a good performance in anti-blue light and display effects under strong light.
In the author's opinion, this screen protector has solved the headache of many parents, that is, worrying about children's eye damage caused by watching mobile phones. But, then again, the screen protector is good, but it's not advisable for children to spend too much time looking at their phones.

Secondly, the AICARE children's medical eye protection screen protector is very durable. It has undergone new technology training in terms of anti-drop, creating a new height of anti-drop for dura mater.
This screen protector is made of high-aluminum all-glass, with 4 layers of upgrading and strengthening process, namely the above-mentioned green light eye protection optical glue coating, as well as 9H hardness strengthening layer, tempered glass layer and plasma oleophobic layer. The 9H hardness strengthening layer and tempered glass layer have improved the durability of this screen protector to a very high level. For the case of daily use, this screen protector can protect the screen well.
Lastly, the AICARE Children's Medical Eye Protection Screen Protector has a strong antibacterial effect.
A while ago, I saw a report that the bacteria on the screen of the mobile phone was 20 times more than that of the toilet. After reading this news, I basically wipe the screen of the mobile phone several times a day. The plasma oleophobic layer of AICARE children's medical eye protection screen protector has a good antibacterial effect, and the 24H nano-silver ion shield resists bacteria. Even if it is stained with oil, this screen protector can be wiped clean.

To be honest, I really didn't expect a screen protector to be eye-protecting, durable, and antibacterial. The most important thing is that its display effect and the ease of sticking the phone screen protector are all very good. For young people, there is no need to worry too much about eye fatigue during the time process of watching mobile phones. For the elderly, it can also achieve no glare or reflection to prevent fatigue. So, what's your opinion on such a screen protector? Everyone is welcome to interact in the comment area.

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