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How to choose privacy phone screen protector?

How to choose privacy phone screen protector?

I believe everyone has this kind of experience: When looking at the mobile phone in public places such as buses and subways, I am always worried about being peeped by people around me; when opening important documents, others can easily see it; be seen by those around. In short, mobile phone privacy is exposed to others at a glance.
In order to prevent their privacy from being peeped by others, many people try to adjust the angle as much as possible to shorten the distance from the mobile phone, or use their hands to block when entering important passwords, and some people will buy anti-peeping screen protectors to protect privacy. Compared with the first two ways, most people may choose the third way.
But about the anti-spy screen protector, the Internet said: the anti-spy screen protector is useless and harmful to the eyes?
So what is the principle of anti-peeping phone screen protector? Is it really useful or an IQ tax, and now Ji Le Tang will answer them one by one.
How Privacy Screen Protectors Work
Compared with ordinary screen protectors, anti-peeping screen protectors add an anti-peeping layer on the basis of ordinary screen protectors, and apply micro-shutter technology, just like office blinds, by adjusting the angle, different viewing angles can be achieved feel.
The design of the anti-spy phone screen protector for mobile phones is more compact, just like reducing the blinds by tens of thousands of times. Through the principle of optical angle control, the viewing angle is narrowed, that is to say, the people next to you can only stand within the viewing angle. , to see the contents of your phone. Bank ATM cash machines apply this principle.

Privacy Screening Side Effects
Regarding the privacy screen protector, some people think that the privacy phone screen protector is harmful to the eyes. Using an anti-peep screen protector will indeed reduce the brightness of the mobile phone screen. You can increase the brightness of the mobile phone screen appropriately, but there is no direct data to prove whether it directly affects the eyesight. (Jiletang here also appeals to everyone to use the eyes correctly and not to overuse the eyes. Excessive or improper use of the eyes is the direct cause of myopia)
How to choose privacy phone screen protector
There are advantages and disadvantages of anti-spy phone screen protector. A good anti-spy phone screen protector should not only have good anti-spy effect, but also have high light transmittance.
The anti-peep effect is related to the viewing angle. The anti-peep angles on the market are generally divided into 45 degrees, 35 degrees, and 25 degrees. The smaller the degree, the better the anti-peep effect.
The 45-degree anti-peeping phone screen protector is the original anti-peeping angle, which has been eliminated in the market. The newly upgraded anti-spy phone screen protector has a 25-degree anti-spying, and the anti-spying range is larger, which can better protect privacy.
As for the light transmittance, it will affect the comfort of using the screen. The 25-degree anti-spy phone screen protector of Jiletang uses oca optical adhesive base material, which has high light transmittance, 8k high-definition, and uses 1 billion light-transmitting molecules without graininess. On the basis of effective anti-peeping, you can use the screen more comfortably.

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