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Which is better, explosion-proof phone screen protector or screen protector?

Which is better, explosion-proof phone screen protector or screen protector?

With the continuous development of the smart phone market, many people also take good care of their favorite phones, and sticker protection is a common method. So which is better, explosion-proof phone screen protector or screen protector? Introduction.
Features of the screen protector
1. High-strength anti-scratch and anti-drop.
2. The thickness of the glass is 0.2MM-0.4MM, and there is almost no feeling when it is pasted on the mobile phone.
3. The surface of the high-sensitivity touch-slip glass has been specially treated, which makes it feel smoother and more fluent in operation.
4. The tempered glass phone screen protector is pasted in an electrostatic mode, and anyone can easily install it without generating air bubbles.
5. The electrostatic mode is used for bonding, which can be used repeatedly without leaving traces on the mobile phone.
6. High light transmission, ultra-clear screen display The light transmission rate is as high as 99.8%, highlighting the three-dimensional effect can prevent the harm of electronic waves to the human body, improve the visual effect, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue after long-term use, which can better protect eyesight.
7. The ultra-hard nano-coating is waterproof, anti-bacterial, and anti-fingerprint, and it is easy to clean even if it is polluted by foreign substances.

The characteristics of explosion-proof phone screen protector
Specially designed with a surface that protects against external impacts and includes an impact-absorbing layer to prevent bursting during a drop.
1. Effectively prevent LCD screen from being scratched and worn;
2. The surface is antistatic and not easy to gather dust and be contaminated;
3. Using advanced coating technology to directly touch the corners is not easy to leave fingerprints;
4. It has special anti-reflection glare function to eliminate 98% of the reflected light intensity glare in the external environment;
5. It has good resistance to weak acid and alkali, and water resistance. It can be used repeatedly after washing with neutral detergent;
6. It has good re-peelability, no degumming, and effectively prevents residual glue from remaining on the surface of the LCD screen;

Which is better, explosion-proof phone screen protector or screen protector?
The mobile phone explosion-proof phone screen protector can increase the impact resistance of the mobile phone screen by 5-10 times. Mainly to protect the glass screen is not easy to be impacted and make the glass screen broken. Generally speaking, the purpose is explosion-proof, adding a layer of protection to the glass, preventing the glass from breaking and fixing broken glass slag when it collides with the outside world, so as to protect personal safety. Anti-shock, anti-scratch, anti-wear and other aspects of explosion-proof phone screen protector have unique advantages compared with ordinary PET and PE, and the price is naturally not low. Moreover, as an explosion-proof phone screen protector on the surface of a mobile phone, when choosing an explosion-proof phone screen protector, you must consider its light transmittance, wear resistance, and air permeability (electrostatic adsorption) to avoid bubbles, watermarks, etc. in the screen when it is attached. As long as you operate properly when laminating, even non-professionals can post a beautiful phone screen protector effect.
Tempered glass phone screen protector belongs to safety glass. Glass has fairly good wear resistance and feels more comfortable. The touch of the screen protector is similar to that of a mobile phone screen, and its Vickers hardness reaches 622 to 701. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the glass surface. Wind pressure, cold and heat, impact, etc. If the screen protector is standard enough, you really can't tell that it has been pasted with a mobile phone phone screen protector. When in use, the sliding screen is also very smooth, and the oil stains on the fingers are not easy to stay on the screen due to sweaty palms. After using it for a period of time, I found that there are almost no scratches on the screen.

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