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Which iPhone screen protector should you choose?

Which iPhone screen protector should you choose?

- Full screen screen protector.
▲ Guess whether the mobile phone in this picture has a phone screen protector or no phone screen protector?
With the popularity of screen protectors, this kind of mobile phone screen protector with both hand feeling and protective performance has been loved by the majority of users. In terms of user experience, screen protectors are indeed better than hydrogel phone screen protectors and general plastic resin phone screen protectors. However, the birth of 2.5D curved surface, curved screen and full screen has higher requirements on the coverage area and capabilities of screen protectors.
Although manufacturers have also launched full-screen screen protectors that adapt to the current screen characteristics in response to market demand, some manufacturers have exaggerated their propaganda, and various strange words have been born from this: 3D, 4D, true 5D, thermal bending, cold carving , silk screen, nanometer, vacuum coating, etc., for a while, consumers are confused.
In fact, on a larger scale, there are only three types of full-screen screen protectors in total, which are hard-edge full-screen screen protectors, soft-edge full-screen screen protectors, and full-glass full-screen screen protectors. The first two are made of tempered glass and resin, ABS. , TPU and other materials are composited, while the all-glass full-screen screen protector is completely processed only with tempered glass.
Hard-edged full-screen screen protector
Hard-edged full-screen screen protectors are also said to be screen-printed full-screen screen protectors in the industry. The hard edge also shows that the four sides of this screen protector are made of hard plastic (some are also plated with metal on the frame), and when integrated with a non-full coverage screen protector, it becomes a full-screen screen protector.

▲Its structure can be seen clearly from the back
The advantage of a hard-edged full-screen screen protector is the non-breakable edge, which is slightly more durable than a non-full-coverage screen protector or a full-screen full-screen screen protector made of glass.
But the disadvantage is that the fit is not tight enough, the edge may not fit tightly, and it will get gray after a long time; the frame may block the screen display area of about 0.5mm; the surrounding is colored, and the phone screen protector with poor quality will be in contact with the screen panel of the mobile phone. There will be a little color difference, which looks awkward.
▲If you look carefully, you will find that some membrane covers will cover part of the black border and the screen
But now there is a new hard edge screen protector, the area of ​​the colored frame is compressed to only a small circle outside, but I feel that this phone screen protector is more awkward than the old design, and the color difference will be more obvious.
Soft Edge Fullscreen Screen Protector
In order to allow the screen protector to fit more closely on the 2.5D edge-polished screen, a full-screen screen protector made of soft plastic and tempered glass came into being. (Some merchants will talk about hydraulic carbon fiber, and it can also be edited)
Unlike the hard-edged version, the frame material of the soft-edged version is closer to the previous high-definitionphone screen protector, softer than the hard-edged version, and fits better. In addition, the frame of the soft-edge full-screen screen protector is not easy to break, and it is not easy to get dust like the hard edge.
▲A combination of curved and straight
However, the soft-edge full-screen screen protector may also have the color difference problem of the hard-edge model. After all, the difference between the two is only the soft and hard edges. The soft edge model may also cover the screen display area of about 0.5mm.
All glass full screen screen protector
This kind of all-glass full-screen screen protector is launched later than the previous two types. Due to the higher process requirements, the average price will be higher than the above two types.
All-glass full-screen screen protectors can lead to very large price differences depending on the treatment process of the edges. The early ordinary all-glass full-screen screen protectors only made a simple 2.5D cut on the edge, so they can't completely cover the frame, and the thickness is relatively high, so the look and feel is not very good.
Later, 3D cutting, hot bending, cold carving and other selling points of true full-coverage glass screen protectors appeared. Regardless of the details of the process, the fit of these phone screen protectors is indeed better than that of pure 2.5D cutting, and the integrity and feel are currently the best. Excellent.
The picture above is taken from a merchant’s home, so don’t worry about the slogan. From top to bottom, there are non-full-coverage screen protectors, ordinary full-glass full-screen screen protectors, and true full-coverage full-screen screen protectors. The difference can be seen intuitively. .
Since the bonding of the edge of the 2.5D screen is still too difficult, only the AB glue under the tempered glass cannot be bonded firmly, so the full glass screen protector will still cover the frame to block the glue below.

▲ Even if it is all glass, it is difficult to achieve full transparency
There are also full-transparent all-glass full-screen screen protectors on the market, but the phone screen protector coverage is between non-full-coverage screen protectors and ordinary full-glass full-screen screen protectors, and there will be some gaps on the edges that cannot be completely covered.
▲ Fully transparent full screen screen protector
▲It still cannot be fully covered, and white edges are prone to appear
After all, it is all glass, and the disadvantages are obvious, that is, it is easy to break the edge, and a slight bump may cause chipped corners or cracks, and the fully transparent model is prone to "white edges" due to poor fit, and the price will be relatively high.
Above, we have introduced the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of full-screen screen protectors in more detail. Although merchants use a lot of strange words in order to sell goods, but in essence, the structure of full-screen screen protectors is still those three types. Which one should you choose? One depends on everyone's needs.

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