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Huawei stacked screen mobile phone, how to stick the screen protector?

Huawei stacked screen mobile phone, how to stick the screen protector?

On February 24, Huawei released the first 5G full-screen folding mobile phone at MWC. As a new trend of folding mobile phones in 2019, the Huawei Mate X folding mobile phone has also attracted the attention of the industry. As the first mobile phone with a foldable screen in China, it has also aroused heated discussions among online users.

Let's take a look at the appearance and specific parameters of this phone.
Mate X uses a dual-screen design. When folded, the single-grip front measures 6.6 inches and can be used as a traditional phone, with a narrow, long 6.38-inch secondary display on the back. When deployed, the Mate X becomes an 8-inch tablet with a thickness of 5.4mm on one side. It's the thinnest foldable phone yet, and there's no space in the middle of the foldable screen.
Looking at the configuration again, Huawei MateX is equipped with a combination of Kirin 980 + Balong5000 baseband. It supports NSA and SA networks, and can support 2G/3G/4G/5G networks at the same time. This is the first 5G phone to support hybrid networks. The transmission speed has reached 4.6Gbps, and it only takes 3 seconds to download a 1GB movie.
8GB storage and 512GB storage. In terms of battery life, it has two built-in batteries, which can reach 4500mAh battery, and the super fast charging of 55W can charge 85% in half an hour.

Support split screen operation. The extended operation interface is divided into two parts, supports split-screen interaction, one hand operates two programs, and one person plays two phones.
Let's look at the image. Three Leica cameras are arranged vertically. This set of cameras can also complete this selfie. When taking pictures, "Mirror Smart Shooting" supports dual-screen video preview, that is to say, when taking pictures, the subject can pose directly on the screen.
In detail, the power button and the fingerprint button are combined, cleverly integrated in the thin and light frame, and the USB Type-C interface is also placed on the hinge part.
The current price is 2299 euros, or about 17,498 yuan. The exact timing of the quotation depends on the implementation of the operator's 5G network in multiple places.

The meeting briefly introduced the overall protective cover, but did not discuss the issue of tempered phone screen protector. If you're still using the previous tempered phone screen protector, it definitely won't work. Which phone-specific movies can solve the screen protection problem of folding phones? How can a screen protector leave no space in the middle of the fold? Huawei will leave it to mobile movie makers. Next question.
However, there may be some lighting in the smartwatch industry. In the past, watches used straps, but now they can directly use soft screens. It is believed that the screen protector for folding phones will also introduce new materials to meet the needs of folding phones.

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