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Types of mobile phone screen protector

Types of mobile phone screen protector

First of all, the screen of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger, and the cost of replacing the screen of the mobile phone is also increasing. Most users protect the screen of the mobile phone by sticking a phone screen protector. But there are many types of phone screen protectors on the market, such as screen protectors, matte phone screen protectors, ultra-clear phone screen protectors, anti-blue light phone screen protectors, anti-spy screen phone screen protectors, and so many phone screen protectors, how should we choose?

HD phone screen protector
High-definition phone screen protector is the phone screen protector with the longest history. Because it is made of ultra-thin plastic material, it not only has high light transmittance, but also is very light and light, comfortable to touch, and the price is the lowest among all phone screen protector.
But the high-definition phone screen protector has a very significant disadvantage. It is only scratch-resistant, not shatterproof. Because it is a very thin layer of plastic, its own hardness is negligible. When the phone falls, it cannot help the screen to cushion the impact of the drop.
Advantages: good hand feeling (ultra-thin), high light transmittance, cheapest price
Disadvantages: not drop-proof

Tempered glass screen protector
Screen protectors are the most popular and common type of phone screen protector at this stage. Its material is not plastic, but tempered glass. Screen protectors are popular, of course, because they are the most protective of all phone screen protectors. It uses tempered glass material with very high hardness, which can effectively prevent the screen from being damaged after the phone is dropped.
A mobile phone with a screen protector is often dropped after the mobile phone is dropped, the screen protector is broken, and the screen of the mobile phone is intact.
Some mobile phones now have 2.5D screens, and there will be two white lines on both sides after the screen protector is attached. Some merchants will use a filling liquid. Here, the editor reminds everyone not to use filling liquid! Do not use filler fluid! Do not use filler fluid! Because the filling liquid will seep into the screen from the edge gap of the phone, causing screen shadows and affecting the use.
Use the white edge fill fluid to seep into the screen to cause shadows
Advantages: high light transmittance, anti-fall
Disadvantages: high price, high thickness

Hydrogel phone screen protector
The material of the hydrogel phone screen protector is an inorganic-organic composite material, which has super ductility and retractability, so ordinary scratches will gradually disappear by themselves. The hydrogel phone screen protector is made of four kinds of materials, it feels smooth to the touch, and it will feel Q-elastic when pressed. Because of the PBA added to the material, it has strong adsorption and elasticity.
It can automatically repair scratches and is ultra-thin (especially in line with the trend of thinner and thinner mobile phones). After it is pasted, it almost feels that there is no phone screen protector without careful observation. The dead angle of the curved surface of the hydrogel phone screen protector fits in all directions, which perfectly eliminates the problem of white edges and warping of the curved screen.
Pros: Anti-fingerprint, good fit
Disadvantages: expensive, the screen display effect is not as good as the original machine

Matte Screen Protector
The material of the frosted screen protector is tempered glass, which also has the property of "drop resistance". Its own characteristic is that the surface of the screen is made of frosted material. Related to the frosted material, the light transmittance of the frosted material itself is low, and the screen will form complex reflection and refraction through the frosted material. Specifically, it will appear that "the screen brightness is low" and "color spots can be seen on the screen".
Advantages: no fingerprints, no dust absorption, drop resistance,
Disadvantages: poor appearance (low light transmittance, visible colored spots)

Anti-blue light screen protector
Prolonged use of mobile phones will indeed cause visual damage to mobile phone users. The culprit is the harmful blue light emitted by the mobile phone screen, so anti-blue light screen protectors have also emerged as the times require.
The anti-blue light screen protector contains OCA optical gel, which will absorb the blue light emitted by the mobile phone screen, so that the mobile phone screen presents a relatively eye-friendly warm color, but it also affects the visual sense of the mobile phone screen, and the cost will be higher than ordinary screen protectors Much more expensive.
Advantages: anti-blue light, anti-drop
Disadvantages: poor appearance, high price

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