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What kind of phone screen protector is attached to the curved screen mobilephone

What kind of phone screen protector is attached to the curved screen mobile phone


Now there are more and more types of curved screens on the market, oppo, vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, 1+, Samsung and other brands of mobile phones occupy some space in the curved screen mobile phone market. I believe that many people have encountered problems when sticking the phone screen protector. The screen of this phone is curved. How can I stick the phone screen protector?
The editor will tell you about the phone screen protector for curved screen mobile phones currently on the market. I believe everyone will know how to choose.
Hydrogel phone screen protector: At present, all kinds of mobile phones on the market have hydrogel phone screen protector. When mobile phones of various brands leave the factory, the phone screen protector that comes with the mobile phone is also a kind of hydrogel phone screen protector.
Advantages: This kind of phone screen protector is relatively soft, which can prevent scratches and prevent screen scratches. It feels better when pasted on the mobile phone, and the price is relatively cheap. On a certain treasure, it ranges from a few yuan to dozens of yuan;

Disadvantage: It needs to be far away from high temperature items, such as hot water cups. Otherwise, it is easy to roll up the phone screen protector with heat. There is no anti-vibration function. This phone screen protector is a soft phone screen protector and does not have any anti-shock function.
Edge glue screen protector: There are many screen protectors on the market at present, the price is cheap, and the price ranges from a few yuan to about 70. Occupy 70% of the market for curved screen protectors. Can play a role in preventing screen scratches.
Advantages: It is a kind of screen protector and the price is cheap.
Disadvantages: Edge glue, as the name suggests, only has glue on the edge of the screen protector, and there is no glue elsewhere. The rest of the screen is hollow where it meets the phone screen protector. The phone screen protector can be peeled off gently with fingers, and it is easy to fall off. Fingerprint unlock doesn't work. It will creak when pressed, and has a serious grainy feel. Personally, it is a relatively bad type of screen protector, and I do not recommend this kind of screen protector.
uv screen protector: this screen protector needs to drip glue on the mobile phone and bake it with a lamp to protect the mobile phone better
Advantages: It has all the attributes of a screen protector, it is better to protect the phone, and fingerprints are available
Disadvantages: The technical requirements for the phone screen protector sticking personnel are relatively high, and ultraviolet lamps are required. If the glue infiltrates into the machine without paying attention, the mobile phone will enter the liquid. If you accidentally operate the phone screen protector and let the liquid enter the phone, it will not be worth the loss. Special reminder: This kind of phone screen protector must not be used on mobile phones that have replaced the outer screen.

Full Glue Screen Protector: The whole screen protector has glue, no need to use extra glue, and no need to bake with lamp. Curved phones are great candidates for full adhesive screen protectors.
Advantages: It feels good in the hand, and fingerprint unlocking can be used. After the phone screen protector is applied, it feels like there is no phone screen protector. No graininess, this kind of screen protector has better protection effect, many people are unwilling to replace it with other phone screen protectors after using this kind of phone screen protector. After personal use, it is recommended to choose this phone screen protector. Apart from being expensive and not easy to post, there is nothing wrong with it.
Disadvantages: expensive, not easy to post. It is necessary to invite a skilled phone screen protector master to apply the phone screen protector, and generally need to pay 20-30 yuan for manual work.
You can take a look at this full adhesive phone screen protector first
Summary: There are many phone screen protector suitable for curved screen mobile phones, and there is always a suitable one.

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