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Paper-like phone screen protectors and screen protectors compared!

Paper-like phone screen protectors and screen protectors compared!

The picture above is a magnetic detachable paper phone screen protector that I bought online. After using it, I decided to make a summary about these two phone screen protectors:
screen protector
Advantages Protect the ipad, withstand falls to a certain extent, and the screen looks good. It is the first choice for watching dramas and ppts!
Disadvantages: For those who pursue a sense of damping, the writing experience is slightly poor... If you don't mind writing on a smooth surface, it's fine!
Fingerprints, sweaty people like me have to wipe the screen for a while!

Paper-like phone screen protector
Advantages Strong sense of damping, the feeling of rustling when writing is very refreshing, closer to the experience of paper writing! Not too sticky to fingerprints!
Disadvantages: poor screen look and feel (whether it is a good or poor quality paper-like phone screen protector will affect the look and feel of the screen to some extent, it must be different from a screen protector or a bare screen!), and the nib wears out quickly.

Summary: If you don’t pursue the damping feeling of the paper writing experience, you can use a screen protector, bare screen + bare pen, and a nib cover! Those who pursue a paper-like experience can choose a detachable paper-like phone screen protector first. Remove the phone screen protector when not writing. It will be better to read documents, read PDFs and watch dramas, and it will not hurt your eyes so much.

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