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Mobile phone screen protector is easy to be cheated?

Mobile phone screen protector is easy to be cheated?

Types of cell phone screen protector
Open a certain treasure, search for mobile phone screen protector, you will find that there are various and dazzling mobile phone screen protector, it is easy to lose your eyes. In fact, there are only two types of mobile phone screen protector, one is glass phone screen protector, and the other is plastic phone screen protector. Although high-permeability phone screen protector, frosted phone screen protector, and hydrogel phone screen protector have different main functions, they are essentially plastic phone screen protectors.
The biggest advantage of plastic phone screen protector is that it is cheap and easy to stick. The relatively flexible characteristics make it easy to achieve light and full coverage of plastic phone screen protector. But the surface hardness and durability of plastic phone screen protectors are not ideal, and things that can scratch them are everywhere.
The protection and transparency of the screen protector are better, and it feels natural, and the look and feel will be closer to the state without the phone screen protector than the plastic phone screen protector, but the price is higher, and the coverage and thickness of the edges are also problematic.
Therefore, if you want to get the best protection for your mobile phone when buying a phone screen protector, it is best to buy a tempered glass phone screen protector. The protection against falling and scratching is not the cover.

How to choose the right phone screen protector
Purchasing screen protectors is by no means as simple as advertised by the merchants. The price of screen protectors ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of yuan is different, and the materials, light transmittance, color, hardness, etc. are also different. The screen meets the needs of its own use.
The following Xiaoyi will introduce to you several correct ways to choose a mobile phone screen protector. If you want to choose a mobile phone screen protector that suits you, you must consider the following 4 aspects!
Under the premise that the protection effect is similar, the thinner the glass phone screen protector, the better the experience, but the technical requirements for the phone screen protector are also higher. Put on a screen protector that is too thick, and the phone will feel much worse in the hand.
The main function of the phone screen protector is to prevent scratches. For scratches, the Mohs hardness is the most suitable reference index. Surface, and measure the depth of scratches, the depth of the scratches is the Mohs hardness, represented by the symbol HM.
As long as it is glass phone screen protector, the Mohs hardness is around 5-6, which is larger than metal and smaller than quartz, which means that it will generally not be scratched by keys. This is one of the biggest reasons why glass phone screen protector is recommended over plastic phone screen protector.
Especially for people who like handwriting input, they should choose a screen protector with higher hardness. The higher the wear resistance of the mobile phone screen protector, the higher the smoothness, so the use time will be longer.
Light transmittance is a very important indicator that affects the quality of the phone screen protector. If the mobile phone screen is pasted with a phone screen protector with low light transmittance, it will greatly affect the clarity of the mobile phone screen, which will undoubtedly aggravate visual fatigue. In theory, the higher the light transmittance of the phone screen protector, the better.
Is there an oleophobic layer

In fact, one of the differences between low-end membranes and high-end membranes is the oleophobic layer. The phone screen protector without the oleophobic layer feels very dry and easily leaves fingerprints and oily marks. Users who pay attention to the feel and experience must choose a phone screen protector  with an oleophobic layer.
I believe that everyone now knows how to choose their own mobile phone phone screen protector. When you buy a mobile phone screen protector, try to choose a phone screen protector produced by a regular accessory brand. Relatively speaking, the selection of materials and quality will be more guaranteed. In addition, the anti-blue light, anti-radiation and other functions added to the screen protector are mostly gimmicks.
Finally, in fact, many mobile phone manufacturers will provide free phone screen protector sticking services. If you don't have high requirements for the phone screen protector, you can go directly to the after-sales service for free stickers, so you don't have to spend money~

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