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Which is better, hydrogel or screen protector?

Which is better, hydrogel or screen protector?

First: Hydrogel phone screen protector, commonly known as soft phone screen protector, soft phone screen protector is divided into tpu and pet materials, and curved pets are generally hot-bent.

Advantages: The material of the hydrogel phone screen protector pet is very thin, and the fingerprint unlocking and knuckle sensitivity on the curved surface is good.
Disadvantages: Whether it is tpu or pet, the hydrogel phone screen protector is firstly a soft phone screen protector, which has poor explosion-proof performance. Once it is dropped or knocked hard, the phone screen protector will not be broken, and the screen may be broken. Moreover, the oleophobic layer is self-contained, so the smoothness and anti-fingerprint effect are not ideal. (not recommended)
There are many kinds of screen protectors with curved surfaces, such as curved surface full glue, uv optical glue, and edge glue.
2 First of all, let’s talk about full glue on the curved surface: screen protectors with full glue on the curved surface are generally more hot-bending, and rarely cold engraved, because of low efficiency, low yield, and large errors. Even less is etched.

Advantages of curved surface full glue: fingerprint unlocking is sensitive, and the knuckles are also good. Individuals like Samsung's ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking are a bit annoying. The process of pasting is relatively simple, and (provided you can paste) the explosion-proof performance is good. It is not so easy to break the screen when it falls, and it is waterproof and does not enter the dust (not only the dust refers to the middle of the screen, not the edge)
Disadvantages of full glue on the curved surface: the thickness of the screen protector normally used is between 0.25-0.33, and the glass is made of Japan Asahi Glass, domestic CSG high-alumina, Mianyang's Asahi Red high-alumina, and Chalco. The thickness of AB glue is 0.45, and some will use 380. The higher the thickness, the less likely white edges will appear, and the combined thickness of these two will be 0.7-0.8mm thick. Therefore, people who use a bare phone will cut their hands after pasting it, and they can’t find the feel of the bare phone. In addition, the full glue usually has black edges, and some of them will block the screen after pasting. Many people must want to ask, why is this black edge? If you don’t remove it, first of all, the black edge is useful. 1: Because it is full of glue, the edge glue is covered by glue, which will stick to things like dust and hair, and it will be ugly after a few days. 2: The black edge can also cover the white edge. The greater the curvature of the surface, the higher the accuracy, but it is inevitable that there will be errors, so the existence of the black edge is valuable.
2: Let’s talk about edge glue. As the name suggests, there is only a little bit of AB glue on the edge. This phone screen protector was born to avoid those with handicapped hands or people who don’t know how to stick phone screen protector, because it’s easy to stick.
Advantages: There is no doubt that it is super easy to post. Explosion-proof is not bad, because it is glass after all, so it is better than soft phone screen protector.
Disadvantages: The glue is not firm, because only the four sides have glue. Occasionally, it is taken out of the pocket, and the phone screen protector is separated. Another thing is that there are many outlets under the sun. The outlets mentioned here are touch points, which transmit your behavior, so the sensitivity is not very good, and the fingerprint unlocking is not very sensitive. The middle is also easy to get dust, not waterproof.
3: Let's talk about uv optical glue: this has become popular in the past two years. The simple point is to replace the previous AB glue with glue.

Advantages: This is because the glue is replaced by AB glue, so the thickness of the paste is half thinner than the previous full glue. So it can restore the feel of the bare phone very well, and it doesn't block the screen. (Because it is fully transparent) There is no problem with fingerprint unlocking and knuckle sensitivity. (Including the volume key of mate30pro) Even Samsung's ultrasonic unlocking uses this uv phone screen protector a lot, but the thickness of the glass is around 0.18, otherwise it cannot be unlocked. Waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof, it can be called a perfect membrane.
Disadvantages: Glue is easy to be everywhere when pasting, and it is also a place that many people cannot accept. In addition, the technology of uv glue in the past two years is immature, and the batch with the earliest experience is the Samsung curved surface mobile phone. Many phone screen protectors have been pasted on for a long time, and the phone screen protector and machine are integrated. The membrane is broken and cannot be replaced even if you want to change the membrane. Some friends who have never pasted before have no experience, so they got glue into the listening hole for the first time. Some physical stores even lost customers a new mobile phone because of this. And some friends are allergic to glue. (Of course, there are also good ones in the uv phone screen protector, but you need to buy a lot of them and try them yourself)
It is recommended to stick the screen protector as the preferred screen protector, no matter full glue, edge glue, or uv phone screen protector. Because it has substantive significance, it well interprets the basic function of the screen protector, which is anti-scratch, drop-proof and explosion-proof.

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