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Which is better, screen protector or hydrogel phone screen protector?

Which is better, screen protector or hydrogel phone screen protector?

The screen protectors for curved screens are usually relatively thin, and the way to stick the phone screen protector is to add a viscous agent to achieve all-round fit. I have encountered many situations where I bought curved screen protectors and failed to stick them. Today I Let's talk about the precautions for using curved screen protectors:

1. Do not choose cheap curved screen protectors without adhesion promoters or viscous agents, because there are very few synthetic tempered stickers on the soft phone screen protector on the curved surface of that kind of front screen protector, and 100% matching fully tempered stickers are rare. , and usually more than 100 yuan, it is not cost-effective, so either choose a cheap phone screen protector with an adhesion promoter, or choose a more expensive phone screen protector, I think the former is more cost-effective.
2. When pasting the curved screen protector, be sure to use a heat gun or hair dryer, low wind force and high heat, focus on heating the curved surface, and press while blowing, which will help the fit between the screen protector and the screen. Greatly reduce the situation where the edge of the screen protector is lifted or there is a gap with the screen, resulting in touch failure at the edge of the screen.
3. For the curved phone tempered glass screen protector with adhesion promoter, it is best to replace it every 3 to 6 months. Even if the phone screen protector is phone screen protector, the adhesion promoter is easy to condense on the screen, which is difficult to clean. Some of them have been used for about a year. The screen protector is difficult to disassemble, and it is tightly attached to the screen. It is difficult to remove without sol water, which greatly increases the risk of damage to the mobile phone screen.

In short, when choosing a screen protector for a mobile phone with a curved screen, either choose a cheap phone screen protector with an adhesion promoter and pay attention to the above-mentioned method when pasting it, or choose a phone screen protector that is tens or hundreds of large, and the operation will be more difficult. It is lower and the quality is better, but no matter what kind of phone screen protector, as long as it has an adhesion promoter, it must not be replaced for too long. Usually it needs to be replaced within half a year, otherwise it will be very troublesome.

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