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Two rumors about mobile phone screen protector!

Two rumors about mobile phone screen protector!

Since the advent of smart phones, mobile phone screen protector has been popular along with mobile phones. However, all kinds of untrue remarks have become popular along with mobile phone screen protector for various reasons. Some deliberately belittle, and some boast too much. These remarks are sometimes well-founded, as well as experts' words, which makes consumers at a loss. Today we invited a famous expert on mobile phone screen protector in China, a professional phone screen protector technology expert of "phone screen protector Boy" who has been in the mobile phone care market for 17 years, to decipher two rumors about mobile phone screen protector.
When you hear this kind of words, it is the remarks of the mobile phone screen manufacturers themselves boasting about their products. It is undeniable that the hardness of the current mobile phone screen is indeed very high, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and keys, nail clippers, signature pens, cosmetics and other items in general usage scenarios will not leave scratches when they come into contact with the mobile phone.
But the mobile phone screen is most afraid of sand. And sand is really everywhere. The hardness of the mobile phone screen is generally between 6-7. Ordinary daily necessities cannot reach this hardness. But the Mohs hardness of the sand is 7.5. When the mobile phone screen rubs against the sand, it is easy to scratch marks. Once scratched, it cannot be repaired.

Even if you say that you don't usually encounter sand, the most feared thing about your mobile phone is not scratching, but falling. In fact, even if there are a few scratches on the screen of the mobile phone, it does not affect the use of the mobile phone, but only affects the appearance. The high hardness of the mobile phone screen only means that it is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, not that it is resistant to falling. Once the screen is broken, it is not a small fee to replace the screen. Are there many friends who have experienced the painful experience of broken mobile phone screens, isn't it very sad?
Remember, just because it's not easy to break doesn't mean it won't break. Because the screen protector can play the role of cushioning and shock absorption. When the mobile phone falls to the ground, it can reduce the probability of the mobile phone screen being broken.
There are generally three ways for a mobile phone to fall on the ground, the screen, the back cover, and the corner. Of the three ways, corner landings are the most dangerous. Therefore, friends who are easy to drop their mobile phones, it is best to add a mobile phone case after applying the phone screen protector, which is much more protective. Although the addition of a mobile phone screen protector and a mobile phone case will affect the original feel of the mobile phone. But think about the cost and time spent after the broken screen, let’s sacrifice the feel.
In order to protect the mobile phone, it is recommended to stick a mobile phone screen protector. The advantage of this is that even if it is scratched or scratched, the phone screen protector is still brand new when it is removed. The economical and time-intensive cost of changing the phone screen protector is much easier. It can better protect the screen of the mobile phone from being broken in case of a miss.
This statement is more credible because it comes from medical professionals, thus misleading many consumers. In fact, it is also understandable that experts analyze the possibility from a medical point of view, and they do not understand the development and upgrading of mobile phone screen protector technology. The reason for this statement is mainly due to the light transmittance and refraction of the mobile phone screen protector. It is believed that the mobile phone screen protector will reduce the light transmittance of the mobile phone screen, and because of the light refraction after the phone screen protector is applied, it is more likely to cause eye fatigue.
In fact, the light transmittance of high-quality mobile phone screen protectors can reach more than 90%, and there is no adverse effect on the eyes. After a good mobile phone screen protector is attached, it is the same as the mobile phone screen, and will not cause secondary refraction of light. The screen protectors produced now have high light transmittance and high hardness, which will not cause abrasion or secondary refraction, and will have minimal impact on the eyes.

There are two reasons: the first reason is the use of low-end and inferior mobile phone screen protector. It may be that you have no experience in buying by yourself, or you may have been fooled by the roadside phone screen protector booth. This kind of low-end mobile phone screen protector is easy to wear and tear, and it will easily cause eye fatigue after a long time.
The second is the use time of mobile phones. Modern people use mobile phones too frequently, and the use time is generally too long, and even use them in places with insufficient light, which leads to visual fatigue. Over time, it is understandable that the eyes will have adverse symptoms. So overuse of the eyes is the problem.
Now the mobile phone screen protector market is huge, and many people have taken a fancy to this huge cake. Goods and bads are mixed in the industry, and the products are good and bad. So everyone must choose a regular phone screen protector store and choose regular products.
Regarding the mobile phone screen protector, what are the rumors, and what questions do you have, welcome to ask, let's communicate together!

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