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When will the screen of the mobile phone be free of phone screen protector?

When will the screen of the mobile phone be free of phone screen protector?

Let me give you a popular science first: the hardness of the glass of the mobile phone screen is far beyond your imagination.
General mobile phone screen hardness: 6
WEADDU phone tempered glass screen protector hardness: 7-8
Finger nail hardness: 2-3
The key in the pocket, iron hardness: 5-5.5
Knife or nail clipper hardness: 5-5.5
Unit: Mohs hardness
It can be seen that the general hardness is difficult to cause damage to the screen glass, especially the latest generation of WEADDU glass Victus, which is widely used in flagship phones.
But things are far from as simple as imagined.
According to statistics: 80% of mobile phone users have phone screen protector stickers, and among these 80% users, nearly 50% of users do not know how to stick phone screen protector correctly. The so-called incorrect phone screen protector is the wrong choice of products. For example, someone is pasting a frosted phone screen protector with large fruit grains, and the screen clarity drops back to before liberation. Someone is posting a screen protector for 5 yuan and 9 free shipping, and the clarity is hard to describe.

And the hardness of common objects in daily life is not as good as that of screen glass, so what are you protecting against?
In fact, there is one of the most common small things in life, which is quartz, which is common sand and gravel. It is big and can be seen everywhere on the roadside, but at the same time it is so small that it is often mixed in the air. You may feel that it is round, but when you zoom in, it is full of thorns.
Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, which is larger than typical cell phone screen glass. It may not work on Corning Victus models, but there are few real models on the market. And contact with quartz is basically unavoidable. Once the mobile phone is placed outside, it will be covered with a layer of dust within a few minutes, and there may be quartz mixed in it. If you put your mobile phone in your pocket, you may touch it.
So it seems that it is inevitable to put a protective phone screen protector on the mobile phone screen?
In fact, there is another material, which is sapphire glass. The common iPhone lens, the home button of the traditional iPhone design, and some high-end watch screen glass. With a Mohs hardness of 9, sapphire glass is second only to diamonds in nature, which have a Mohs hardness of 10.
If sapphire glass is used as the screen glass, almost no one will scratch it.
There are mobile phone manufacturers who have done this before. The HTC U Ultra in 2017 is equipped with sapphire glass, but limited by hardware costs, only the top models have it. And this cost is enough to put all mobile phone manufacturers in the dust. Even if many manufacturers dare to install it, I guess users will still worry about being scratched. Everyone will think: this piece of screen glass is so expensive, why not find a screen protector to protect it?
There is another most important reason: all kinds of screen glass are only hard enough, but low in brittleness. For example, the dishes that everyone usually uses are difficult to scratch, but once they are dropped on the ground, they will be broken into pieces.
Therefore, many people stick screen protectors not entirely to worry about scratches on the screen, but to consider the performance of falling on the ground. There were no scratches when it fell on the ground, but it turned into a work of art after falling a lot of cracks.

In addition, it is impossible for a mobile phone screen to not have a phone screen protector. Even if there is such a glass material that cannot be scratched or broken, mobile phone manufacturers will not use it. Because screen protectors are huge profits, depending on the screen protector industry derived from the iPhone, there are 3 yuan 9 free shipping, and 999 free shipping, making money and making money.
So, is there a phone screen protector on the screen of the mobile phone? This is a philosophical question, because it is impossible to post or not to post. There is no such thing as must post or not to post. It cannot be solved by technology, and the decision is in your hands.

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