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Teach you how to put phone tempered glass screen protector on Apple mobile phone

Teach you how to put phone tempered glass screen protector on Apple mobile phone

Getting your first taste of the iPhone 6 will be a great feeling. The edge of the surface glass extends downwards, the curve is beautiful and smooth, and it is precisely connected with the anodized aluminum metal machine peripheral frame, which makes the simple and stunning design vivid. It's a masterpiece made of thousands of tiny details, or more accurately, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
1: Shut down, 2: Wash your hands, 3: Take out the phone phone screen protector, take out the wiping cloth, take out the shinomi water, a bank card (other things are fine), and then put a clean wiping cloth under the phone.
Option 1: Only paste glass phone tempered glass screen protector.
It is said on the Internet that iPhone 6 phone screen protector is difficult, but almighty merchants have already solved this problem, and there are already a large number of special iPhone 6 phone screen protectors. So it's hard to complain about the stickers. Ok, time to share my method.
The first step is to wipe the screen clean with a rag. If there is stubborn dust on it, use dust removal paper. The dust removal paper may not be enough. This is the key to solving the problem.
Peel off the protective phone screen protector again.

Aim for screen protectors.
Press it down.
Then take the button on the top for focusing.
What's going on here? Simple. Let's see the effect of 360 degrees without dead angle.
Option Two: Full Body Patches
The first step is to clean the surface, since the lint does float on the screen, I don't need a cloth anymore, I use a cloth pad that I used on my iPad.
Clean the surface and prepare the screen phone screen protector. IMPORTANT STEP: Spray your fingers with skinomi's water and wait for them to dry.
The important step is to uncover the phone screen protector and spray skinomi water on the contact surface (adhesive side), yes! It has to be sprayed and the whole phone screen protector has to be sprayed through.
Cover the screen, aim for the eyes and start pushing the bubbles with the cards.
Push air bubbles out, and correct holes. Let's zoom in for about 10 minutes.
Next, bake the screen phone screen protector, the temperature is not high, otherwise it will be burnt.

Bake for about 9 minutes (depending on the temperature of each blower at different times, as long as the surrounding phone screen protector sticks to it). In fact, the most important step in this movie is baking, especially like pasting car window glass. Maybe the manufacturer is pasting car window paper to find inspiration.
After the phone screen protector is pasted, including after baking, there will be that kind of blisters inside, but the outside is uneven. After watching the video, it will disappear in about three days.
Because I was in the market for a special glass laminate for the iPhone 6, which was relatively simple to stick because of the so-called "floating pneumatic laminate technology". If someone bought an ordinary phone screen protector, I guess they would actually cry. In addition, the screen edge and frame of 6/6 Plus are curved, so the ordinary phone screen protector can only be removed if it is attached to the center of the screen. The upside is that it's cheap, but it can be rough to the touch in bare areas. Therefore, it is recommended that customers use special membranes.

At present, there is a 0.15mm glass phone screen protector on the market, but it is easy to break, and the glass phone screen protector with a thickness of 0.3mm has poor aesthetics. Of course, if you pay attention to quality and quality, you can buy an ultra-thin 0.18mm from my original iPhone glass factory, but it is very expensive at more than 200 yuan.
Advantages of the whole body phone screen protector: perfect arc, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Disadvantages: 1. No scratches, no special force, or wipe the screen with a rag, leaving obvious scratches; 2. The smoothness of the phone screen protector, after all, it is the softest phone screen protector.

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