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What exactly is UV phone screen protector?

What exactly is UV phone screen protector?

UV phone screen protector is a kind of phone tempered glass screen protector. It applies a special formula coating on the surface of PET, P0, PVC, EVA phone screen protector substrates to achieve the effect of blocking ultraviolet light and short-wavelength visible light. UV phone screen protector is mainly suitable for optical etching process or industries that need to isolate UV during the process, such as semiconductor industry, electronics industry, etc. Avoid improper light leakage resulting in poor product quality. In addition, uv phone screen protector is also often used in mobile phone phone tempered glass screen protector, because compared with ordinary temperedphone screen protector, uv phone screen protector also has the effect of resistance to falling and cracking.

The principle of uv phone screen protector

A photoinitiator (or photosensitizer) is added to a specially formulated resin to generate active free radicals or ionic radicals after absorbing high-intensity ultraviolet light in ultraviolet (uv) light curing equipment, thereby initiating polymerization, crosslinking and grafting The reaction makes the resin (uv coating, ink, adhesive, etc.) change from liquid to solid in a few seconds (not equal). (This change process is called "uv curing").

The difference between full rubber phone tempered glass screen protector and uv phone screen protector

After many tests, it is found that the uv phone tempered glass screen protector is the most suitable. There are also differences between full rubber phone tempered glass screen protector and hydraulic phone screen protector. The hydrogel phone screen protector can really fully cover the screen world of the mobile phone, the effect is particularly good, and the anti-drop effect is better than this. As people are now pursuing the quality of mobile phones, new phone screen protector replacements are emerging in an endless stream. But you have to buy inferior hydraulic or phone tempered glass screen protector. Really not, because it does not have the hardened and tempered side. For example, if any heavy object falls, or falls flat and sideways, it will damage your mobile phone itself.


Does uv phone tempered glass screen protector glue hurt the screen?

Generally speaking, high-quality uv phone tempered glass screen protector glue will not harm the screen. Since this product is available in the market, it will basically not cause major damage to the screen, but if it is inferior, it also exists. possibility of harming the screen.

I heard from friends around me before that the UV phone tempered glass screen protector exists and the glue stays on the screen and cannot be removed. You have to use a knife or hand to pull it off, mainly because you bought inferior glue. If you follow this method, it will definitely It will cause damage to the screen, so you still need to check the quality when buying.

If it is a regular glue, basically wipe it with paper or a rag after it is done, so that it will not hurt the screen at all.

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