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The difference between various types of mobile phone glass screen protector

The difference between various types of mobile phone glass screen protector

Here is a question for everyone, what is the first thing you do when you change to a new mobile phone? I believe that many people's ideas must be to replace the mobile phone with a screen protector. This should be the top priority at the time, but the current phone screen protector market can also be said to have many tricks, such as screen protectors. Committed to entanglement, the following author will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of several current screen protectors one by one, so that everyone can know how to choose a good screen protector.
1. Hydrogel phone screen protector
The hydrogel phone screen protector is a phone screen protector that has only begun to emerge in recent years. The rise of this phone screen protector is also related to the curved screen mobile phones that have emerged in recent years. As the name implies, the material is naturally soft plastic, so it can be freely Curved, and the price is cheap, so this phone screen protector has entered everyone's sight with the rise of curved screen mobile phones. It is still very worthwhile for those friends who are not used to using screen protectors. of.
After talking about its advantages, let’s talk about its disadvantages. First of all, it does not have an oleophobic layer, so the plastic feel is naturally obvious, and it is not so smooth to the touch. If you usually need to use your mobile phone to play games, then you can Say it can't bring you the gaming experience you want, because it doesn't use the oleophobic layer, so it will make the fingerprint collection area of the hydrogel look particularly dirty, which affects the overall appearance of the phone. And because it is made of plastic, sometimes you only need to scratch it slightly to leave marks, and the last point is that it is not resistant to falling, so this screen protector is not recommended for everyone to consider.


2. Frosted phone screen protector
First of all, let’s talk about the material of the matte phone screen protector. The material it uses is plastic, so the advantages and disadvantages are naturally obvious. Because it has non-stick fingerprints, this mobile phone phone screen protector is also quite silky. For many friends who like to play games, it can be said to be the best choice. Its disadvantage is that it will make the phone look blurry after playing for a long time, but it is worth buying if you often play games.
3. High-transparency glass screen protector
This is also the most commonly seen screen protector on the market, but many manufacturers often tell us about 2D, 3D, 6D, and 9D screen protectors when selling, but in fact there are only three types: 2D, 2.5D, and 3D. Some are just a marketing tool of the manufacturer.
Here is a popular science for everyone. 2D phone screen protector refers to the phone screen protector without any processing on the edge. This kind of phone screen protector is also extremely uncomfortable to the touch. It is not used at present. 2.5D refers to the entire phone screen protector is flat, and The surrounding area is also processed to make it more comfortable to touch. What 3D refers to is that the entire phone screen protector is subjected to a hot-bending process. This is also done in order to be suitable for mobile phones with curved screens, but at the same time, the cost is also higher. of.

4. Anti-blue light phone screen protector
The effect of anti-blue light phone screen protector is believed to be known to everyone. It has a certain eye protection effect, but in some environments, the visual effect it brings is far less than that of green light phone screen protector, and it is even worse under strong light. I can't see clearly.
5. Green phone screen protector
First of all, the excellent eye protection ability brought by the green light phone screen protector can achieve 60% glare filtering, 55%-75% blue light filtering, 70% electromagnetic radiation filtering, more than 80% far infrared filtering, 50% near infrared filtering and 50% % X-ray filtering and so on, a total of eight protective filters, which are beyond the reach of ordinary eye protection masks. Because the imported green light glue is used, the original screen will look colorless after a long time, and the most authentic colors will be restored. It is worth buying.
Especially in terms of preventing bacteria and fingerprints, I think it is the most important point. There was a data surface before, and the bacteria on the mobile phone protective phone screen protector is 20 times that of the toilet. At the same time, the outer layer is 9H hardness reinforced steel layer and glass layer. Unnecessary damage is also prevented. In addition, the plasma oleophobic outer layer also makes this membrane smoother to the touch.

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