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Introduction of 4 different cell phone screen protector

Introduction of 4 different cell phone screen protector

Many people now own a mobile phone, and it is one of the most important social connection tools in today's society. The extended product of mobile phone, mobile phone screen protector, is also loved by many people. There are many types of it on the market, so which is the best mobile phone screen protector? What is its price? Next, the editor will briefly introduce to you which is the best mobile phone screen protector.

1. High permeability membrane phone screen protector
The high-transparency phone screen protector has good light transmission performance, and it is very smooth when touched by hand. If the mobile phone is posted with high transparency, it is difficult to see it. When we look sideways, we can see the rainbow pattern on the phone screen.
The hardness of the high-permeability phone screen protector is not high, and it is easy to scratch if it is accidentally contacted with a hard object. When we use mobile phones, it is easier to leave fingerprints on the high-transparency phone screen protector. If you have high requirements for the screen of your mobile phone, you might as well choose a high-transparency phone screen protector.

2. Frosted phone screen protector
Compared with the high-transparency phone screen protector, the frosted phone screen protector can eliminate the rainbow pattern, so that when we look at the screen of the mobile phone, we will feel more comfortable. And if the mobile phone has a frosted phone screen protector, we will not leave fingerprints on the mobile phone screen during use.

3. HD phone tempered glass screen protector
The screen protector has good light transmission performance, and its impact resistance is about 5 times that of ordinary mobile phone screen protector, which can protect the mobile phone from breaking the screen to a certain extent.
It can effectively prevent the mobile phone screen from being scratched due to external force. Its thickness is generally between 0.4-0.1mm, but the price of the screen protector will be more expensive than other mobile phone screen protectors.

4. Mirror phone screen protector
As the name suggests, the mirror phone screen protector has a mirror-like effect and can even be used as a mirror. The mirror phone screen protector on the mobile phone has a very good mirror effect, and when we use the mobile phone, it is not easy to be scratched. But it will affect viewing the phone screen in the sun.

Editor's summary: About which mobile phone screen protector is good and its price, the editor will introduce it here. There are also diamond phone screen protector, anti-peep phone screen protector, etc., and each mobile phone screen protector has its own advantages. You can buy according to your own needs.

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