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What are the disadvantages of Anti-privacy screen protector?

Disadvantages of Anti-privacy screen protector ?

The main disadvantages of Anti-privacy tempered glass screen protector are:

1. The brightness of the screen is reduced, and the brightness of the screen needs to be adjusted properly when it is pasted on the mobile phone; because the Anti-privacy screen protector is gray-black, and the glass is fragile. There will also be color difference between the glass privacy film without silk screen color and the white mobile phone.


2. The tiny "leaf" structure in the Anti-privacy screen protector will block part of the light. Even if you look at the screen from the front, you will still feel that the screen is much darker than before the film, and the brightness and color are also much worse. Mobile phones with anti-peeping film need to manually adjust the brightness, which significantly increases power consumption. If you look at the screen in the dark for a long time, your eyesight will definitely be affected.


3. At present, there is no corresponding industry standard for Anti-privacy screen protector, and the quality of anti-peeping films on the market is uneven, and even some products have no anti-peeping function at all, just blackened screen protector; some Merchants are greedy for profits, and fake anti-peeping films with low production process and technical costs are shoddy, which not only fail to achieve the anti-peeping effect, but also damage eyesight. Remind all friends to do their homework when choosing, and choose an Anti-privacy screen protector produced by a regular manufacturer, which has strong light transmission and has little effect on screen brightness and color.


Extended information:

Advantages of Anti-privacy screen protector


1. The anti-spy films currently on the market can be divided into PET Anti privacy phone screen protector and tempered glass Anti privacy screen protector. The advantages of PET Anti-privacy screen protector are not only anti-peeping, but also anti-glare, no broken edges, thinner, etc.


2. The advantages of tempered glass Anti privacy screen protector are anti-peeping, silk screen printing color, good scratch resistance, anti-fingerprint, higher definition on the front

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