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What types of curved phone screen protectors are there to choose from?

What types of curved phone screen protectors are there to choose from?

I believe everyone who has used a curved screen mobile phone knows that the curved screen is high-value and good-looking. As for the touch control, it depends on the individual, but the editor thinks it is better than the straight screen.

Next, I will share with you the types of screen protectors for curved screen mobile phones currently on the market, so that you can have some general understanding

1. Hydrogel screen protector [soft film]

This kind of film is also called soft film, and it is the kind that comes with the general curved screen mobile phone when it leaves the factory. It is not difficult to install this kind of case, because there are tools, just follow the video operation, if there are bubbles, it will be fine in a day or two.

The downside is that this kind of mobile phone screen protector is prone to traces, such as fingernails accidentally slipping with force. As for the automatic repair that is advertised, the effect is not obvious. As for the feel, the hydraulic screen protector is different from other screen protectors, because it is soft, so it feels astringent.



2.uv screen protector [hard]

You may use this kind of mobile phone screen protector more, because you think it is more perfect, but of course it also has disadvantages. This kind of film is transparent glass, there is no glue on the bottom, you have to dot the glue on the screen yourself, then stick the tempered film on it, and finally bake it with a UV lamp for five minutes on all sides.

This kind of uv screen protector is very difficult to paste. I have pasted it five or six times, but half of them failed. Before pasting, put the tape on the phone hole, button, earpiece, charging port, etc., so as to avoid glue overflowing and staying inside the phone. , Otherwise, the mobile phone is basically useless, the earpiece may be blocked, or the buttons may be broken. The important thing is that the screen may also be broken, so we can only change it at that time. Most of the curved screens are oled screens, which are more expensive. Around $150. If you want to try this kind of screen protector, it is recommended that you find a professional to apply UV screen protector. Of course, if you have strong hands-on ability, you can also try it according to the installation tutorial.

It is also worth noting that the uv screen protector is easy to shrink after a long time, that is, there are white edges on the sides of the mobile phone, about a month. When it comes to uv glue, good glue can be used for several months or half a year without white edges, and bad ones will appear in a week or two.


3. Full glue screen protector [hard film]

This full-adhesive screen protector is the same as the straight screen sticker. There is glue on the bottom of the screen protector, which can be directly attached to the mobile phone. There are transparent ones and black borders.
The transparent ones often have white edges because they do not completely cover the screen of the mobile phone, and there will be dust after a long time. Therefore, most of the current all-glue tempered film has black edges, so as to avoid light leakage, no white edges, and no dust can be seen.


4. Edge glue screen protector [hard film]

A screen protector with a black border, but there is no glue on the transparent part, only the black border. Therefore, if it is pasted, there will be more or less gaps in the middle, and it may be affected by touching anything. It is insensitive or has delays and non-following phenomena. Some membranes may have rainbow patterns and white spots, that is, a certain area is colored when viewed through the screen, and the entire membrane has tiny spots [particles].

The shape of the edge glue screen protector and the full glue screen protector is the same. The edge glue screen protector is easier to stick, and of course it is easy to fall off. After all, it sticks to the edge and is not very firm.

5. Ceramic screen protector [semi-hard film]

This kind of film is also called soft film, and it also has black edges. The whole film is glued, but the ceramic screen protector itself is not glass, so it is not as hard as glass, nor as soft as hydraulic screen protectors. It will not break when bent, and the feel is between glass and hydrogel film.

This kind of ceramic screen protector is also very easy to stick. If there are bubbles or something, tear off a part and scrape it back with a scraper. Of course, some of this kind of film has ripples, and it doesn’t look very good under the screen. It may be because it is semi-rigid, so it has that wrinkled feeling.


There are advantages and disadvantages of each of the five mobile phone films introduced above.
Personal suggestion: Either a hydrogel screen protector or a uv film. You can choose uv if you have good technology, and choose hydrogel film if you are not good at technology. The prices are similar. As for the peeping film, blue light film, and frosted film, these are all added on the basis of the above five types, and some functional coating materials are added to the surface, so that the color display will be a little worse.

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