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Mobile phone screen protectors are particular, do you know all of these?

Mobile phone screen protectors are particular, do you know all of these?

In this era of rapid development of the mobile Internet, mobile phones have almost become our most important tool, and mobile phone screen protectors seem to be one of the most important measures for us to protect mobile phones.

But in fact, there is a big debate about whether or not to stick a mobile phone screen protector on the mobile phone.

Some people think that the mobile phone should of course have a mobile phone screen protector, because when you get a brand new mobile phone, you definitely hope that there is no scratch on the screen. Another group of people think that the feel and clarity of the mobile phone will be reduced to varying degrees after the mobile phone screen protector is attached, which will seriously affect the sense of use, so it is not in favor of attaching a mobile phone screen protector. I don't know which one you are?


In fact, whether it is the people who must stick to the mobile phone screen protector or the people who do not support the sticking of the mobile phone screen protector, what they care about is whether the screen will be scratched or not and how to use it. When using a mobile phone in daily life, if the screen protector is not attached, the screen will indeed be scratched, but it will not affect the use. Take the iPhone as an example. Nowadays, mobile phones are generally made of tempered glass, and the scratch resistance of tempered glass itself is relatively strong, so it is difficult to scratch the screen in daily use and affect normal use. As for the problem that the use of the mobile phone screen protector will not be good, in fact, there are already many ultra-thin and high-definition mobile phone adaptation films on the market. This kind of mobile phone screen protector will hardly affect the user experience when using the mobile phone. . Then let me introduce to you several popular mobile phone screen protectors on the market, and see what are the differences between them, so that you can make a choice according to your own needs.



TPU Soft Phone Screen Protector:
TPU soft mobile phone screen protector is also called AR film. Our early film types basically belong to TPU soft mobile phone screen protector. TPU soft mobile phone screen protector is characterized by strong light transmission. The difference on the surface is very small and wear-resistant. The disadvantage is that it is easy to leave fingerprints, oil stains and other stains on the screen after the film is applied.


Tempered glass screen protector:
Tempered glass screen protector is the most commonly used and most common film nowadays. Its advantages are scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and explosion-proof, and the tempered glass screen protector will automatically discharge air bubbles. Finish the film. But it is precisely because of its explosion-proof advantages that the tempered glass screen protector has a relatively short service life.


Matte Phone Screen Protector:
As the name implies, the surface of the mobile tempered glass is frosted. This type of mobile tempered glass can effectively reduce the reflection of light on the screen, and the light transmittance will naturally decrease while protecting the eyes. Therefore, its advantages are that it protects eyesight, has a special feel, and is not easy to leave fingerprints and other traces on the screen. The disadvantage is that the light transmittance will decrease, which affects the sense of use to a certain extent.


Anti privacy screen protector:
The anti-peeping screen protector is a very popular mobile phone screen protector recently, and it is a kind of tempered glass screen protector. The anti-peeping screen protector uses optical technology, so that the things displayed on the screen can only be seen by the mobile phone user, and the surrounding people will see a dark screen because of the different angles from the mobile phone user. , the advantage of this kind of mobile phone screen protector is the same as that of ordinary tempered glass screen protector, but it has an additional anti-peeping function, and the disadvantage is that when you use the mobile phone sideways, you will not be able to see the screen clearly.


The above four mobile phone screen protectors are the most used ones nowadays, but whether you are a person with a film or not, the last type of anti privacy mobile phone tempered glass screen protector is highly recommended for you to use. Because it not only has the advantages of a mobile phone screen protector, it can also prevent our personal information from leaking when we use our mobile phone in public.

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