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Does the frosted screen protector feel good when playing games?

Does the frosted screen protector feel good when playing games?


1. Generally speaking, most matte screen protectors feel much better, while high-definition screen protectors and silk-screen screen protectors do not feel so smooth, and matte screen protectors have the best anti-fingerprint effect, and the feel is smooth without fingerprints. So there is also a saying that the matte screen protector is also called "game film".

2. In addition to anti-fingerprints, the matte screen protector can also anti-glare, that is, under the sun, the mobile phone screen will not reflect light and it will be difficult to see clearly, but there is a disadvantage of matte film, the clarity is not as good as the high-definition screen protector.

3. Advantages of matte screen protector: It is not easy to get fingerprints. The matte screen protector with the same price is more scratch-resistant than the high-definition screen protector. When you swipe the screen with your fingers, it feels smoother.

Disadvantages of matte screen protector: the high-definition level of the retina to the screen will decrease, and the resolution will decrease.

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