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How to detect the effect of the phone screen protector?

How to detect the effect of the phone screen protector?


Features of Phone Screen Protector:


Automatic fit:
According to the three aspects of quality, engineering and development, the use of suitable AB glue can be used to achieve the use of high-quality anti-static adsorption film, so that the product can be easily attached and disassembled, easy to operate, and will automatically attach to the screen. Can be re-applied (there is a limit on the number of repetitions).


1.How to test phone screen protector the fit effect?


  (1.) Use the screen protector to fit the real machine,
  (2.) The fit effect is determined by two items.
      (2.1 )One is that there is no white edge and no bubbles after pasting,
      ( 2.2)Another item is the exhaust speed when fitting.



2.How to test the phone screen protector anti-fingerprint effect:


The glass surface is sprayed with polymer fingerprint oil (can also be electroplated), and then high temperature treatment is performed to prolong the service life of the fingerprint oil. The glass surface after anti-fingerprint treatment is very smooth, and mobile game lovers will like it. Compared with mobile phone screen protectors, fingerprint suppression is greatly improved, eliminating the jerky touch of ordinary mobile phone screen protectors (Note: The current technical conditions 100% anti-fingerprint is impossible, tempered glass clear screen protector can maximize the anti-fingerprint effect. Generally, if the smoothness is good, the anti-fingerprint effect will be a little bit worse, and the anti-fingerprint effect is good, and the smoothness will be a little bit worse. , the current fingerprint oil formula can only strengthen one of them);


3.How to test phone screen protector the effect of fingerprint oil?


The test of the effect of fingerprint oil requires a water drop angle tester and a friction tester to determine whether it is good or bad. The first is to test the initial water drop angle of the screen protector with a water drop angle tester, and then use a friction tester to perform the friction test. The friction test generally uses 1*1 and 2*2 grinding heads to perform 3000 frictions on the surface of the screen protector (2=1 friction). Finally, use the water drop angle test to test the water drop angle. The initial water drop angle is generally 110°~115°, and the water drop angle value after grinding is 100°~105°.



About phone screen protector high definition and transparent:

Optical grade light transmittance, ultra-low reflection, high-definition and high transmittance (light transmittance above 92%); can be detected by a light transmittance tester.

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