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How to choose best cell phone screen protector?

How to choose best cell phone screen protector?


Nowadays, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives. With the continuous development of mobile smart tools, mobile phone accessories and Phone screen protectors can also be constantly updated and created. In order to meet the needs of people and the screen differences between different mobile phones, various types of Phone screen protector have begun to appear! So, what's the difference between so many types of Phone screen protector?


Hydraulic film. In the past two or three years, a Phone screen protector that has been hotly promoted by many merchants due to the emergence of curved mobile phone screens, because its material is softer, it fits better with mobile phone screens. However, the price of hydrogel membranes is not cheap, because the public generally believes that this is a new technology product. The material of the hydrogel film is a layer of TPU or PET, which has super ductility and retractability. The advantage is that it is anti-fingerprint, can automatically repair scratches, the thickness is very thin, and it is like there is no film attached. The disadvantage is that it does not have an oleophobic layer, and the plastic feeling is naturally obvious, and it is not so smooth to the touch. After a long time, it will reduce the experience and affect the overall appearance of the mobile phone. In terms of anti-drop performance, the degree of protection is also greatly reduced.


Matte phone screen protector. A kind of mobile phone mobile tempered glass that makes the surface not smooth, but feels very good, is a kind of mobile phone screen that is easy to leave fingerprints. Advantages: It is not easy to get fingerprints, and the fingers are very smooth when sliding the screen. Especially for people who like to play games, this matte mobile tempered glass is the most suitable.

Tempered HD phone screen protector. The main advantages are: excellent anti-scratch and explosion-proof performance, which can prevent the mobile phone from accidentally hitting the screen and protect the safety of the mobile phone. At the same time, it prevents accidental scratches, which affects the appearance of the mobile phone screen. Easy to use, no bubbles. The transmittance of the picture does not affect the beauty of the picture quality of the mobile phone itself. The most important thing is that it has an oleophobic layer, which can resist fingerprints and oil stains, and feels smooth and smooth. The disadvantage of this phone screen protector is that with the increase in use, the protective power of the oleophobic layer will decrease, and the anti-fingerprint and anti-oil stain resistance will weaken, so it needs to be replaced in about three months. Of course, if it does not affect daily use and there is no damage, it can continue to be used.


To sum up, after comparing the advantages and disadvantages, it is still recommended that you buy a high-definition tempered glass screen protector. How to choose a good phone screen protector?


In the selection of tempered glass material, if the budget is sufficient to directly choose tempered glass made of high alumina glass, such as weaddu 6D phone screen protector, of course, the purchase cost will be much higher; the better quality phone screen protectors on the market belong to this category. There are other low-cost phone screen protectors, such as aluminum, which is less flexible, which is not conducive to later machining. Even after high-temperature tempering, it will be much worse than high-aluminum glass. .

Is 2.5D or 3D better quality? . The edge of the screen is easily broken in various daily uses. On the one hand, because the coverage is not in place, many phone screen protectors still maintain a distance from the edge, so it is easy to be bumped and broken. With the appearance of curved screen on the mobile phone screen, the phone screen protector also has a difference between 2.5D and 3D in the processing of the edge, where 3D refers to a certain curvature on the edge, so the 3D screen protector can better protect the screen. edge, but 3D tempered glass will be much more expensive than 2.5D phone screen protector.

about transmittance. The phone screen protector with lower quality will reduce the screen restoration degree after use of the mobile phone, whether it is color or brightness, so everyone should choose a phone screen protector with high light transmittance, so that you can achieve a bare-metal visual experience.


Regarding the tempering time, this process is not as long as possible. By breaking the phone screen protector, you can see that the more intensive the breaking degree, the better the tempering effect. Usually, the quality of tempering for 4 hours is better! If the tempering time exceeds 4 hours, the glass will lose its original toughness and be more easily broken.



About the anti-fingerprint effect. This step can be checked by fingerprint pressing, marker test and water drop test.
Generally, water droplets do not remain on the glass surface, indicating that it has the effect of anti-fingerprint.


A good phone screen protector has a lot of details to explain. After looking for the above key points, you can choose a suitable phone screen protector!

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