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About Customize the Wireless Charger Process

How to Customize the Wireless Charger

1. Our Items


  1. Customize logo, pattern: MOQ > 200


  1. Customize the charging power : MOQ > 1000


  1. Customize the appearance (color, shape, etc.) :MOQ > 10000


  1. Customize the packaging: the total amount > 1000



2. Process


2.1 Provide customization requirements, drawings, samples, logos  ---Customers


2.2 Provide design proposals and quotations to customers  ---Supplier


2.3 Confirm the design  ---Customers


2.4 Pay 30% of the purchase as a deposit  ---Customers


2.5 Produce samples for customers  ---Supplier


2.6 Confirm the samples  ---Customers


2.7 Producing goods  ---Supplier


2.8 Pay for the balance after the production  ---Customers


2.9 Deliver the products  ---Supplier




3. Case Reference


3.1 Samples of customized logo, pattern


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