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WEADDU brand new product launch conference

WEADDU brand new product launch conference


The WEADDU brand has sold a variety of screen protectors for many years. In addition to ensuring the quality of the products and satisfying customers, what is more important is that we continue to innovate product technologies and have a sense of use. On February 27th, Beijing time, we held the 2023 new product launch conference. Mainly around two main products, AR screen protector and 200C screen protector.


The AR screen protector has an anti-reflection layer, which can weaken reflections, restore color brightness when in use, and improve user experience.

AR tempered glass screen protectort

The 200C screen protector has a 200° radian edge, which has a more rounded feel without protrusions, and has an anti-static effect, which restores the bare phone feel when users use it.

200C tempered glass screen protectort

The WEADDU brand not only maintains the continuous updating of products, but also maintains high-quality and high-sales output of hot-selling products. We believe that our product quality and customized services will allow customers to see our sincerity. Welcome everyone to place an order for cooperation.



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