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New product release ESD screen protector

ESD screen protector 


The tempered glass screen protector is one of the indispensable accessories for mobile phones in daily use. However, there are not many people who can install tempered glass. Most people do not install tempered glass.



Why is tempered glass screen protector easy to generate dust or air bubbles during installation?



Many people are in the process of laminating the tempered film, because there is no clean room environment at home, dust is often generated during the lamination process. That's because the protective layer of the tempered film is plastic. When you tear off the protective layer, static electricity will be generated, and the static electricity will attract fine dust during the lamination process. After each installation, you will find that the screen is clearly cleaned, but it is stained with dust. This is a very unpleasant thing.



A new product we released today is aimed at the problem of easy dusting during the lamination process. This new product adds anti-static material to the adhesive layer of the tempered film. It will not attract dust when it is installed again. This can perfectly solve this problem. Even a novice can install tempered film well



Weaddu Labs also did a very interesting experiment. Put the ordinary screen protector and ESD screen protector on top of the dust. The ordinary screen protector immediately absorbs a lot of dust, and the performance of the ESD screen protector is also obvious. , without any dust.






The new ESD screen protector also has a very good anti-fingerprint effect, which can prevent the phone from getting dirty with sweat in your hands during daily use. Just imagine how bad the experience is in summer if the screen of the mobile phone does not have an anti-fingerprint function, and the screen is full of sweat.





The ESD screen protector is also very flexible and can accept a nearly 90° fold in half without breaking. Up to 4 hours of tempering time gives it this ability. It is also known as 9H hardness. The hard tempered film can protect the phone from scratches by keys, stones and other sharp objects in daily use.





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