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If I want to sell phone screen protectors, how much inventory should I have?

If I want to sell phone screen protectors, how much inventory should I have?


When you first start a new store, you must first determine the products that need to be put on the shelves and which models need to be sold. There are too many mobile phone models now. Do we need to keep inventory of all mobile phone models on the market? This is wrong. For some experienced sellers, they know very well which models are hot-selling and which models are not easy to sell. So how should we novice sellers prepare inventory? The first choice of many novice sellers is to sell screen protectors suitable for the iPhone series. iPhone sales are among the top in the world, and there are not many mobile phone models released. This seems to be a good choice; from a normal perspective, There is no problem, but because of this, there are many merchants selling iPhone series; so the competition is very fierce. The correct approach is:

a. Check the e-commerce platform you chose to see which models are the best-selling models on the platform. Usually each online platform will have a sales list.

b. Collect the keyword popularity of the product, for example, go to Google Ads, use the keyword planner function, collect the top 500 keyword popularity words, and then filter out the corresponding product models to remove duplications, and you will get a list of models. After screening, you will probably get 50-200 models; in the early stage, you can consider buying screen protectors for these mobile phone models, and then prepare more inventory based on which models have higher sales.

c. Collect new mobile phone models released by major brands in the new year. Usually there will be a rush to buy mobile phone screen protectors after the new ones are released.

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