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How to remove the tempered phone screen of the mobile phone after it is broken?

How to remove the phone tempered glass screen protector of the mobile phone after it is broken?

In order not to damage the mobile phone screen, many people put mobile phone screen protector on the screen. The early plastic phone screen protector was not durable enough, and tempered glass phone screen protector appeared later.

This kind of phone tempered glass screen protector is very easy to stick on the mobile phone, but it is not easy to detach, and even hurt your hands during the removal process. Next, let's take a look at how to easily remove the phone tempered glass screen protector.

method one:
Tool preparation: hot water above 80 degrees, soft cloth, alcohol, transparent tape.
Use transparent tape to glue the speaker, microphone and charging port to prevent water from entering. Use a soft cloth without dipping it in hot water, apply heat to the display screen 7-10 times, and then tear it off by hand. If it is not completely removed, repeat the previous process.
After the tempered glass is removed, use alcohol to wipe off the offset printing left on the screen, remove the transparent tape, and then a new tempered glass can be attached. You can also go to a mobile phone store to let professionals stick the phone screen protector more professionally.

Method Two:
When taking out the phone tempered glass screen protector of the mobile phone, stick it on the top with a wide adhesive tape, slide it inward with your fingernails a little bit, pull up the tape along the force, and you can remove all the phone tempered glass screen protector.

Method three:
For a good-quality reinforced phone screen protector, as long as you gently pick the small corner with your fingernails, a little foam will appear, take the opportunity to lift it up, and after a seam is lifted.
You can use a plastic card to insert it in. If you pull it out while inserting it, the reinforced phone screen protector will slowly separate from the screen, so it is not easy to hurt your hands. If you don't have a plastic card, you can use a bank card or a toothpick.

Note that the screen of the mobile phone cannot be scratched with a sharp blade.

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