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Tempered glass phone screen protector or normal phone screen protector?

What is the difference between tempered glass phone screen protector and ordinary phone screen protector

Now more and more people cannot do without their mobile phones. Indeed, the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful. Most people not only pursue the quality of mobile phones, but also the brand of mobile phones. An Apple mobile phone can even cost several thousand yuan. For some careless people, we often add a few hanging patterns to our mobile phones, which looks unsightly and reduces the value of the mobile phone. Especially the screen, so the best way is to stick a phone screen protector, let's take a look at the tempered glass phone screen protector method. the
Tempered glass phone screen protector method
Tear off the No. 1 phone screen protector (this side is pasted on the screen of the mobile phone). If it is not slightly dirty, use an electrostatic dust removal phone screen protector (blue phone screen protector) to remove dust. Align the holes and edges of the tempered glass phone screen protector and place it vertically. Click Press the center, often press the phone screen protector around the screen, it will be automatically adsorbed on the screen until it is completely absorbed, and finally use a cloth to press the tempered glass phone screen protector tightly. It is best to paste all the phone screen protectors at one time, so that the phone screen protector is more beautiful, if it is not pasted well, you can also tear it up and stick it again (mainly to clean up the dust and not damage the phone screen protector). 
Advantages of tempered glass phone screen protector (difference from ordinary phone screen protector)

1. High-definition: The light transmittance is above 90%, the picture is clear, the three-dimensional effect is highlighted, and the visual effect is improved, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue after long-term use.
2. Anti-scratch: The glass material has been tempered at high temperature, which is much higher than ordinary phone screen protectors. Common knives, keys, etc. in daily life will not scratch the glass phone screen protector, but the plastic phone screen protector is different, and scratches will appear after a few days of use , things that can scratch them can be found almost everywhere, keys, knives, zipper pulls, buttons, pen points and so on.
3. Automatic attachment: Align the screen protector with the phone, put it on and attach it automatically, without any skill, it will be automatically attached. 
4. Cushioning: For mobile phones, the tempered glass phone screen protector can act as a buffer and shock absorber. If the tempered glass phone screen protector is broken if the fall is not serious, the mobile phone screen will not be broken.
5. Ultra-thin design: The thickness is between 0.15-0.4mm. The thinner it is, the less it will affect the appearance of the mobile phone. The ultra-thin glass is pasted on it, as if it fits perfectly with your mobile phone, combining two into one.
6. Anti-fingerprints: The surface of the glass phone screen protector is treated with a coating to make it smoother to the touch, so that annoying fingerprints are no longer easy to remain, while most of the plastic phone screen protectors are relatively jerky to the touch. 

The main reason why there are so many different kinds of cell phone phone screen protectors on the market is that different cell phone screen protectors have different effects. We talked about the advantages of tempered glass phone screen protector above. In fact, other types of mobile phone screen protector are quite good. For example, the mirror phone screen protector, the biggest feature of the mirror phone screen protector may be that it can be used as a mirror, but it can still protect the screen of the mobile phone. There is also a matte phone screen protector. The biggest advantage of this type of mobile phone screen protector is that it can increase the touch feeling very well, and it is still very convenient to use.

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