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2.5D transparent mobile phone tempered glass screen protectr test standard

2.5D transparent mobile phone tempered glass screen protector test standard

7 major test items and testing instruments:

1. Hydrophobic test - water drop angle tester

2. Friction resistance - friction tester

3. Exhaust speed - real machine fit test

4. Tempering effect - bending test (manual bending or machine bending test)

5. Impact resistance - falling ball test

6. Light transmittance - light transmittance tester

7. Glass hardness - pencil tester

Standard parameters of 7 major test items:

1. Hydrophobic and oleophobic: Use the water drop angle test to drop water droplets on the AF-treated glass surface. The water droplets must condense and not disperse to form a spheroid. Water drop angle≧110;

2. Friction resistance: use 2*2 grinding head, 0000# steel wool of Bon Star brand, rub 3000 times with a load of 1000g (counted as twice back and forth), and the water drop angle after friction is ≧100 degrees qualified;

3. Exhaust speed: stick it on the surface of the mobile phone with the correct bonding method, draw a line with your finger in the middle or at both ends, and automatically exhaust the air within 4 to 7 seconds without manual assistance. There are slight white edges or snow patterns on the edge. Or dust-free cloth can be wiped off 1 to 2 times as qualified;

4. Tempering effect: The product is evenly stressed and bent in half, and it is OK to burst if it is less than 130 degrees. Burst NG greater than 130°, and the burst glass is filamentous and powdery, which is OK. (It can be bent by hand, or bent by machine)

5. Impact resistance: ① hollow platform test, use 64g steel ball, height 300mm, three consecutive natural drops of tempered glass phone screen protector can not be damaged; ② solid steel plate platform test, use 64g steel ball, height 400mm, continuous natural drop three times, tempered glass The membrane must not be damaged;

6. Light transmittance: place the product on the visibility light position of the testing machine, and test 5 pieces. (Make sure the test location of the product is clean before testing) >90%

7. Glass hardness: load 1kgf, the contact surface between the pencil and the test object is at an angle of 45°, draw 5 consecutive lines, the length is 5-7mm, use a pencil (Mitsubishi 7H pencil) scratch tester to test, use a 10x magnifying glass to observe the surface scratched.

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