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How about a mobile phone hydrogel phone screen prot? What are the pros and cons?

How about a mobile phone hydrogel phone screen protector? What are the pros and cons?

Hydrogel phone screen protector and phone tempered glass screen protector are not the same kind, it is a kind of soft phone screen protector, but it is completely different from the previous high-definition phone screen protector.

The material of the hydrogel phone screen protector is a layer of TPU or PET, which has super ductility and retractability.

The advantages are anti-fingerprint (especially compared to traditional high-definition phone screen protector); scratches can be automatically repaired; ultra-thin (especially in line with the trend of mobile phones getting thinner and thinner); after sticking it, it almost feels like there is no phone screen protector without careful observation.

Compared with hydrogel phone screen protector, phone tempered glass screen protector, which is the most widely used, feels closest to streaking. It is also very clear, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant, and the price is not too expensive. But there is a disadvantage that it is too thick. The popularity of curved screens and 2.5D glass has brought new disadvantages to the phone tempered glass screen protector besides thickness: because it cannot be bent, it is poorly adapted to curved screens.

So full-screen tempered glass and half-screen tempered glass appeared. The color around the full-screen tempered glass is difficult to completely match the color of the phone itself, and there will be rainbow patterns in the center. Another major problem is that the full-screen tempered glass will cover a very small part of the edge. Display area, especially for narrow bezel phones

The half-screen phone tempered glass screen protector (that is, the traditional phone tempered glass screen protector) does not cover the edge of the screen, which is very abrupt and ugly.

The hydrogel phone screen protector fits all corners of the curved surface in all directions, which perfectly eliminates the problem of white edges and warping of the curved screen.

The biggest advantage of the hydrogel phone screen protector is that you can move the position at will during the pasting process. You can put on the mobile phone phone screen protector by yourself, and you don’t need to spend money to find a professional to apply the phone screen protector. The bubbles will disappear automatically, do you feel amazing.

From the comparison of drop resistance, it is obvious that the hydrogel phone screen protector is dominant, because its special properties are destined to prevent it from falling, because the impact force of external force is absorbed by its own cushioning and shock absorption performance, just like a fist hitting a sponge superior.

There are many types of TPU and PET materials for the hydrogel phone screen protector, but none of them are valuable, and the value depends on the auxiliary materials. Achieve maximum sticking effect with minimum glue. Then add the automatic repair function of the material, which is the elasticity of TPU and accessories.

The composition of the spray is water + lubricant + alkaline fragrance base. The product must be specially developed and cannot be copied. The cost of process + material is about 3-5 US dollars, so there is a reason why the hydraulic phone screen protector is expensive.

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