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Are iphone 12 and iphone 13 screen protectors universal?

Are iphone 12 and iphone 13 screen protectors universal?


1. Iphone13 and 12 tempered glass are not universal. The area of the notch of the iPhone 13 is 20% smaller than that of the notch of the iPhone 12, and the position of the hole in the notch of the screen is also different.

2. The iPhone 13 basically continues the design of the iPhone 12, both of which adopt the notch with a brick-style three-dimensional frame. However, the bangs used by the iPhone 13 are relatively short, 20% shorter than the iPhone 12. In fact, the main reason is that Apple moved the position of the earpiece to the junction of the screen and the body, so the screen-to-body ratio is higher than that of the iPhone 12.
"As for the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 is thinner, with a thickness of 7.4mm. It is a rare thin 5G mobile phone on the market. As for the iPhone 13, although the screen is also 6.1 inches, it is slightly thicker.


3. This article takes iphone13 and iphone12 as an example, which is applicable to ios15 system.

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