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Pros and Cons of Anti Blue Light Screen Protectors

Pros and Cons of Anti Blue Light Screen Protectors



The anti blue light screen protector is specially designed to block the blue light of the screen and reduce eye fatigue. It is directly effective and more realistic at present! It is to directly paste the anti-blue light tempered glass screen protector on the screen of the mobile phone, thereby reducing the intensity of blue light.


"The dangers of blue light:

Blue light is an important part of visible light. There is no separate white light in nature. Blue light is mixed with green light and red light to present white light. Green light and yellow light have less energy and less irritation to the eyes. Blue light has short wavelengths and high energy, which can directly penetrate the lens and reach the macular area of ​​the eye to cause macular degeneration. "


As for the prospect, after all, the replacement rate of mobile phone screen protector is very high, and the price of blue light blocking screen protector is generally much higher than that of other screen protectors, so the market prospect is not very good. glasses, will be more promising and hitting field than mobile phone screen protector


"Pros of blue light blocking screen protector:

The anti-blue light screen protector is a film containing anti-blue light AB glue. OCA optical glue acts on the tempered glass. The optical-grade basic material itself blocks blue light, and the blocking rate is as high as 30%, which relieves visual fatigue to a certain extent.


First of all, it protects the eyes, prevents the blue light from the screen from harming the eyes, stabilizes the vision, and prevents the blue light from harming the eyes. Secondly, the screen protector is anti-drop and protects the valuable screen of the mobile phone.



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