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Phone screen protectors really protect the phone screen?

Do phone screen protectors really protect the phone screen?




When it comes to mobile phones, we all know that this is one of the essential electronic devices in our daily life. Nowadays, our lives and work are basically inseparable from our

mobile phones. It can be said that in today's technological information society, mobile phones are indeed very important to us, and it is also crucial to protect our mobile







So, can sticking a screen protector on a mobile phone really play a role in protecting the screen of the mobile phone?

Today, a variety of mobile phones emerge in an endless stream. The appearance of many mobile phones is becoming more and more fashionable, and now, many mobile

phones rely on the screen to add points. But the screen is the most problematic point of the phone's components. In fact, it is common knowledge for most people that the

screen of mobile phones is easily damaged, because since the rise of smartphones, people have found that mobile phones are not as durable as they used to be. The current

mobile phone screens can be described as various, and the large screen is the basic configuration of the current mobile phone. However, there are pros and cons, and the

bigger the screen, the greater the chance of damage. In order to protect their love machine, people are scrambling to start using mobile phone screen protectors. Since the

introduction of screen protectors, the screen damage rate of mobile phones has been greatly reduced, which makes people more and more inseparable from this kind of mobile

phone accessories.





But do screen protectors really work?

In the daily use of mobile phones, the screen is often scratched by hard objects. Most people subconsciously think that the screen of the mobile phone will be scratched, but is

the screen of the mobile phone really that fragile?

At present, many mobile phone screens are made of screen guard glass, among which Corning's Gorilla Glass is the most widely used. Mobile phone manufacturers also stated that

the hardness of mobile phone screens is higher than that of metal in their promotions. Slight scratches appear on the phone screen, why?

According to the Mohs hardness scale, the hardness of steel knives is about 5.5, while the hardness of glass is generally 6-7, so the damage of ordinary metal objects to the

screen of mobile phones is still very small.

Where do the scratches on the phone screen come from? From the perspective of hardness classification, the hardness of quartz stone is higher than that of glass. The common

sand in our life contains quartz stone, and its equivalent hardness is about 7.5, which is higher than the hardness of mobile phone screen, so if your mobile phone falls to the

ground Or there are sand grains in the trousers pocket, which will be scratched after a long time, which is the main reason why the screen of our mobile phone is scratched.

More importantly, the surface of our mobile phone screen is an oleophobic layer. Even without scratches, the oleophobic layer will come off after a long time of use, the screen

looks particularly dirty, and all kinds of fingerprint dust will stick to our phone, the phone screen does not look clean and beautiful at all, the whole person looks If it is not

refined, if it is serious, it will also affect our own image.


But if we use the mobile phone film, there will be no such problem, because the mobile phone film also has an oleophobic layer, and the mobile phone film is much more

affordable than the mobile phone screen. If the mobile phone film is damaged after being used for a long time, it can be replaced at any time, and the price is not high. But if

you want to replace the mobile phone screen, the price is so cheap, because in this case, you must go to a special mobile phone repair shop to repair the mobile phone screen,

and the cost will definitely exceed the mobile phone film.





It can be seen that the role of the mobile phone screen is indeed very high. I believe everyone will still feel that no matter how hard the screen is, you need to add a screen

protector, and you will feel more at ease in daily use. After all, under normal circumstances, a phone without a film will be more easily damaged than a phone with a film.

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